USPS To Phase-Out Postal Career Custodians?

In unconfirmed reports PostalReporter has learn that postal supervisors are telling Union Stewards: “USPS will not re-post assignments of custodians upon their retirement.” It appears USPS plans to subcontract (outsource) duties of custodians to private companies.

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  1. if true this would affect numerous veterans finishing their term in the military. you see there are a handfull of jobs in the USPS that are RESTRICTED to preference eligiable veterans. and custodian is one of them. if you know a combat or disabled vet that applied to the USPS and was not hired pass this info to them.

    –ELM (Employee and Labor Relations Manual) section 3, verse 363.32 Positions Restricted To Veterans.
    –USPS Hanbook and Manual EL-312 (placement and employment) verse232.52 positions restricted to preference eligigable veterans.

  2. I currently work as a custodian in Chattanooga, Tn. Management has hired four casual custodians since last month to fill four of the six vacancies we have. These vacancies came from retirements due to early retirements and promotions etc. Some position were vacant in excess of a year. No reassignments were given due to excess rules. Still management to this date did not excess anyone into these vacancies. However some genius from management decided to fill the vacancies with casuals. This is a bastardization of the National Agreement. There is a waiting list for reassignments within the installation, but no one has made it over in 4 years. The excuse is always excessing. To add insult to injury most of these casuals didn’t serve a day in the military.

  3. HELLLLLOO, custodians being supposedly overpaid is not the problem. It is 2 supervisors to supervise 10 employees. or a level 17 manager to deliver one piece of mail over 100 miles every night for their exfc scores. (bonus) It is mismanagement!!!
    Like the earlier post stated who will deliver the express mail? so true, every day custodians deliver mail to AO’s because the Plant mananger doesn’t want to make up a late slip. Just glad I only have a few years to retirement, the younger employees had better wake up and start fighting to keep their jobs. or they won’t be retiring from the USPS.

  4. Well, after reading all your comments and trashing one another, all seem to forget the overpowering thought-Who is in charge that these so called “Bums” are not dong their jobs? Who else-Management, that’s who. Make them do their jobs and there would not be these so called problems!

  5. As a Veteran and an American Born citizen, by law Custodial Positions were created for us, now our craft is over run with lazy “other craft” employee that were dumped out of their craft because their jobs were being eliminated. I choose to become a custodian, I passed with ease all of the battery test for Mail handler, Clerk, and Carrier, I choose to stay in the Maintenance Craft, Why? Because of “brain dead” positions that this organization had to offer, I seen with my own two eyes how “zombie” like the other craft employees were, now twenty plus years later our craft is over run with employees who say ” I can’t do this, or I can’t do that. Your jobs are next, not managements, they will never get rid of those who are programed to destroy our place of employment because they have a agenda that is written in stone. So all you people who cut on us useless Custodians, we are the backbone of this once proud organization. Who else will clean the crap off the toilets when the spiteful _hit all over the floor, walls? Who else would clean up your coffee spill on the workroom floor (where no food is allowed)?, who else will lug your supplies to your office, plow your parking areas, and all the other jobs that can’t be completed with competence? A contract cleaner? they won’t even change a light bulb because it’s not in their contracts to do so. It cost the Postal Service hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts for station contracts custodians that only have to work 2 hours a day and when the crap hits the fan because of cleanliness of these stations and only when someone calls OSHA, we have to go there and do all the work that the contract cleaners won’t do and without OT. That seems fair to me, how does that sound to you? Function Fours, MS-47’s ect will eliminate all our jobs in the future, that will open the door for our “New Global Government” that has plans for all American Workers. The future American workforce will consist of immigrate workers being enslaved to work at sub-standard wages setting the American Work Force back 100 years, no more McDonald Hamburgers, no more Burger King Chicken Sandwiches, Popeye’s Chicken, equals slimmer Postal Employees (good luck) thanks to our fat blotted Government, the Fat Asses will stay fat while they command your lives. As for me “two more and out the door” I will continue to clean the crap in the toilets, you keep pushing the mail, I choose my poison years ago, to me it seems that the the taste of crap in my mouth is more like chocolate, how about yours?

  6. As a disabled veteran and former costodian I can confirm they are overpaid and under worked. I saw the writing on the wall and became a MPE.

  7. All of you clerks that think you are so high and mighty better wake up real soon! You think custodians are over paid? Give me a break. You can train a monkey to do your work. I watch clerks and mail handlers talk on the floor for up to a half hour. I seem them take 30-40 minute breaks and up to an hour for lunch. Far as I can tell clerks are grossly over paid for the litle production they get out of them. They have no pride in the work they do and could care less about getting the mail out on time. There isn’t one job that is worth more than 10 dollars an hour in the post office so quit sniveling like little kids. The union fought to get us these wages so shuth the hell up. If we all don’t stick together we will all be looking for new jobs. You can count on that. Start looking at the people who are really destroying this company. Upper management if you haven’t figured that out yet. They have cost the postal service millions of dollars with some of they’re stupid ideas and decissons.

  8. I wouldn’t want to clean up after some of the FILTHY PIGS and YOU know who you are! that work for the USPS.. I’ve been in the bathrooms where the SLOBS don’t flush the toilets… dump their food in the sink, and smear crap on the walls!! not to mention the break-rooms, people eat and don’t pick up their trash, leave it for the janitors to clean, we are all adults (LOL) pick up after your own A$$ and stop being such FILTHY PIGS!!! do it in your own house!!! Would you be smearing S**t on your walls at home??? NO!! because you have to clean it, and at work someone else does it… So all of you pompous jerks who think you do everything, Whatever!! Those who talk the most sh!t do the least, WAKE UP!!! THEY ARE TRYING TO SUBCONTRACT “ALL OF OUR JOBS” so get off of your high horse, and stop thinking your sh!t don’t stink, because it does!!

  9. kodo’s to the postal service for hiring disabled vets as custodians, they served their country were injured and should have a govt agency where they can get hired. We have to stop trashing our own. Wake up people this is serious, we are starting to see the erosion of the middle class in technicolor

  10. Lets be honest here. I work in a large office. custos MAYBE work 2 hrs a day. They shuffle around with a broom,talk on there phones all day and hang out in the breakrooms!! 50K for a custo?? get real!!

  11. That’s great. These jobs are supposed to be filled by disabled veterans. These jobs are what the PO calls restricted. Only disabled veterans can be hired off the street for these jobs. So go ahead and find another way to pee in vets faces.

  12. some mornings where I work we have 2 clerks and 2 mailhandlers running around like nuts getting the mail ready for 70 carriers and the 4 members of the custodlial workforce are hiding out in the stock room which they keep locked reading their books. I can do more in one day then they would do in a month.

  13. Well in our office when the janitor retire, we did contracted out for many yrs only to find out that the employees of the contract stole mail and money out of the post office. And now we have no janitor at all the clerks take time to empty the cans & sweep the floors but thats not what we were hired for. So I think you should hire janitor to keep the office clean but to make it a PT job instead of FT.

  14. You’re right she did lie to you, because she can’t make that call to give you the contract, she just used you! I’m sorry you haven’t had a job for two years, but this bit*h HAS NO POWER!!! This is how it works in the Post Office, Management LIES all of the time, just to get what they want, knowing that they are bold face LIERS.. I’m sure things @ that P.O. ran much BETTER WITHOUT HER! most of the USPS could be ran MUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY WITHOUT MANAGEMENT!! Good Luck!

  15. Stop Why?? Truth is Truth I Lost several contracts with the Postal Service because of a lieing PostMaster and I didn’t make what she made so I could not afford a lawyer!The Lawyers I talked too say I have a case even a recording of her telling me I COULD do something then denying it even getting one of her clerks to lie for her who knew NOTHING about the situation. I am sure her boss told her to lie so she did.I have been without a job for more then two years.Oh yea I also use to empty her trash cans and even get on my hands and knees washing her floors for her to turn around and lie on me-Again I say let her empty her OWN trash cans instead of going home early most days but then again the office runs better when she is gone-SOOO why do we need her to begin with??

  16. Stop talking crap about your/our fellow co-workers, because next they will be setting their sites on our JOBS!! They are trying to get the USPS PRIVITIZED!! LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!! and STOP with the insults, we need to join together and STOP THIS!!

  17. Why can’t the PostMaster’s empty their own trash cans??They do VERY little anyway.Sit in their comfy offices on their tushes!!

  18. If you work at the PO and are not a custodian you make think, oh well doesn’t affect me. Don’t kid yourself. If this actually happens, eventually it will be the mail handlers, the clerks, the carriers and hopefully ALL of management. Let’s face it, the entire USPS could be contracted out. Management seems to think that if that happens THEY will still have jobs! NOT!!!!!! DUMMIES…….

  19. Well, it’s about time. $50K per year for a janitor is twice the cost of one in the private sector.

  20. IDIOTS!!! Why does the USPS seem to think that subcontracting everything, is always more cost effective? When in the long run it ends up costing 10x as much… Who makes these dumb decisions??? You seem to want to subcontract all of OUR work, WHY?? SUBCONTRACT YOUR JOB!!! with someone with some BRAINS for business, that wants to GROW THE USPS, NOT SELL IT, to the LOWEST BIDDER!!! DUH!! WAKE UP JERKS, if you really want to do something good, “FIRE PMG POTTER!!”

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