Postmasters: Action Needed to Oppose Efforts to Close Small Rural Post Offices

From the National League Of Postmasters:

Status: Urgent.

Issue: Fresh efforts are underway in Congress to close small rural post offices. These efforts encompass not only eliminating existing statutory protections against closing small rural post offices solely for operating at a deficit, but also eliminating the Postal Service’s statutory mandate to provide a maximum degree of effective and regular postal services to rural areas, communities, and small towns where post offices are not self-sustaining. There is also talk of a post office closing Commission, designed to close thousands of post offices. These efforts tend to focus on post offices as retail facilities and generally ignore the role post offices play in the distribution system.

League Position: The League strongly opposes these efforts.

Action Requested:
1. Recruit Local Civic Leaders to contact your Senators and Congressman and urge them to oppose efforts to close small rural post offices.

Please have your local leaders—such as County Commissioners, Mayors, Council Members, Community Development Chairs, Small Business leaders, etc.—explain why small rural post offices are critical to the economic, cultural, and social well being of your rural community. Please have them explain all that small rural post offices do beyond the mere provision of postal services. Having hundreds or even thousands of
government bodies passing resolutions that oppose closing their local post offices would be most helpful. Send them to you Congressmen and Senators.

2. Add your voice to those contacts going to your Senators and Congressmen opposing the closing of small post offices.

Facts and Arguments: The cost of all small rural Post Offices is roughly seven-tenths of one percent (7/10s of 1 percent) of the Postal Service’s budget. You and your leaders know why your post offices are important to the community. Please have them tell Congress, and have them do so very loud, very clear, and very soon. See our League Position Paper for further information and talking points.

National League Of Postmasters