Postmaster Downgrade Due to Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO)


Effective immediately, Postmasters in offices that are downgraded two or more grade levels as a result of Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO may voluntarily be placed non-competitively into other vacant positions…

This policy change is being implemented to allow Postmasters who have been reclassified to lower level Postmaster positions an opportunity for placement into other assignments that more closely approximate their skill set and former grade level without impacting salary. This policy change is temporary.

See complete letter from USPS Anthony Vegliante

5 thoughts on “Postmaster Downgrade Due to Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO)

  1. Yeah I’ll take a downgrade. I still get safe pay safe grade for 2 years. I’ll read the paper in a much smaller office and have a lot less responsibility. I’ll still drive out and catch bum carriers taking their 2 hour lunches though. Oh and I will make sure I put in for mileage reimbursement when I do so.

  2. I’m glad too finally see the Big guys get what they deserved. It’s us little guys who run the place anyway. And have all the idiots pushing numbers that’s all they care about. It’s about time.

  3. All those postmasters that blindly followed their superiors orders to eliminate clerk jobs, now is your turn. Enjoy.

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