Privatizing the Post Office

You know, if the postal service were allowed to account for its pensions the same as anyone else, it would be in fine financial shape and there’d be no talk of killing off Saturday service. So why not privatize and let them? Because of the universal service requirement, of course. If you allowed private competition in first class mail, someone would very quickly snap up delivery in dense urban and suburban areas for less than 44 cents an ounce. The postal service, stuck with its universal service requirement, would then have to raise rates astronomically until eventually it would have virtually no business left except for rural areas at two bucks an ounce or something. So much for universal service.

Full story from Mother Jones

One thought on “Privatizing the Post Office

  1. HELL NO, WE WON’T GO!!! The USPS will ALWAYS be A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENTCY…. Do you really want the U S Mail in the hands of just anybody??? WAKE UP!!!!

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