Union Denounces USPS Attempts to ‘Work the Refs’

Union Denounces USPS Attempts to ‘Work the Refs’
Says Contract Negotiations Are Ill-Served by Public Misstatements

APWU Web News Article 092-2010, Sept. 8, 2010

American Postal Workers Union President William Burrus has denounced efforts by the Postal Service to influence the outcome of contract negotiations by issuing demands in public forums.

“It is extremely disappointing that the Postal Service is attempting to circumvent the bargaining process through the issuance of demands in the media,” Burrus said.

“Unfortunately, the Postal Service has begun posturing and manipulating numbers,” the union president said. “Management is ‘working the refs’ in an effort to influence the outcome of contract negotiations.”

“It is troubling that the USPS has chosen to recite the false and misleading claim that the pay and benefits of postal employees amount to 78 percent of total revenue – as though that figure is relevant to APWU negotiations. Contract negotiations are ill-served by such public misstatements,” he said.

“The wages and benefits of the employees represented by the APWU have been reduced from 28 percent of revenue in 2003 to 23 percent in 2010, a number that is dramatically lower than that cited by the Postal Service,” Burrus said.

“The Postal Service’s deceptive figures must not be used as a barometer for collective bargaining,” he said.

One thought on “Union Denounces USPS Attempts to ‘Work the Refs’

  1. Why don’t the unions hit them back, and tell the public the REAL TRUTH!! on what we make compared to what MANAGEMENT (Potter) and all of his flunkies make, I won’t say EARN because in my opinion they haven’t earned crap!! Lets not just sit back and let them wipe their butts on us like they always do, now that they lined their pockets they are going to cry POOR!! come on now it’s just a game because it’s time for our contracts.. spend some money and tell the public why we NEED A NEW POSTMASTER GENERAL!! NOW!!! and how POTTER continues to CUT SERVICE!! and that they should call their congressman and DEMAND THEY FIRE POTTER!!! BEFORE he DESTROYS THE USPS

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