Postal Union Convention Delegates Reject Proposal To Increase Union Dues

Convention participants refused to increase union dues, and declined to change the procedure for filling vacancies in the union’s officer structure. Changes to the union’s Constitution and Bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds majority.

After lengthy debate, a proposal to raise dues by $3 per pay period failed. “I have said on a number of occasions that we have sufficient resources,” APWU President William Burrus said before the vote. “I ask that you defeat this resolution.”

The Constitution Committee, which screened constitutional proposals, also urged delegates to oppose a dues increase.

Proposals to raise dues were submitted by more than a dozen locals, and were supported by several national officers. “The simple fact is representation is not cheap,” said Don Foley, Maintenance Division NBA for the Central Region. “Representation costs money.”

But several opponents of a dues increase suggested that locals that are struggling financially should reduce their expenses or increase dues locally. “If you need a local increase, take it to your membership,” said Dave Daniels, president of the KYOWVA Area Local.

The next order of business was discussion of a resolution that would have changed the procedure for replacing union officers when they leave their positions in mid-term. Delegates rejected the proposal.

The convention voted in favor of a resolution to increase the national union’s contribution to the Postal Press Association, an organization that supports local and state editors.

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2 thoughts on “Postal Union Convention Delegates Reject Proposal To Increase Union Dues

  1. Joyce, if you think $3,000 for pins is alot, you should see how much money our NBA’s spend on hookers at these conventions. Now that’s news!

  2. I am glad to hear the increase for dues was declined. I don’t go to alot of meetings but I went to one recently. It was brought to a vote to raise the amount of money from $1,000 to $3,000 for pins for the conventions. I really didn’t know what they meant by pins or what was really going on. But, it was brought to vote and passed so quickly. I realized that’s what they had intended to do. I couldn’t believe it when I found out what had just happened. I later questioned it and found out pins from different areas was like a conversation piece. I replied why don’t you just pass out business cards. That has all your info on it and a pin will just be tossed in a drawer anyway. Good Grief! $3,000. for pins! I guess I should go to more meetings. Anyway, I feel better now. Thanks.

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