Postal Service’s tote boxes would be a top seller

If the Postal Service really wanted to get serious about selling things (other than stamps), it should market those wire-reinforced plastic mail tote boxes.It’s the best thing they’ve come up with this side of the Elvis stamp.You can’t buy anything half as good at the discount store, which offers smaller, flimsy plastic milk crates in a variety of festive colors. Trust me. If the Postal Service starts putting the plastic boxes on its Web site, maybe it wouldn’t be forever raising the price of forever stamps.

full story: The Augusta Chronicle

One thought on “Postal Service’s tote boxes would be a top seller

  1. Or even better, enforcing the $10,000 fine. I see people all over the place that have stolen or refused to return the tubs which clearly state they are USPS property. Management and inspectors are notified but nothing is one except replacing them with flimsy cardboard tubs which collapse and leave mail all over the ground.

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