Postal Service strives to maintain a deep bench for executive jobs

In the face of budget deficits and a shrinking workforce, the U.S. Postal Service is looking to develop its leaders and recruit new talent, according to an agency official.

In an interview with Government Executive, USPS Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President Anthony Vegliante said having a strong workforce succession planning process to identify employees to fill important leadership vacancies is the key to managing the agency’s 500 executive and 40 officer positions.

“The most important thing [about succession planning] is it delivers results,” he said. “People see results for their efforts.”

Full story: Government Executive

2 thoughts on “Postal Service strives to maintain a deep bench for executive jobs

  1. NEW TALENT??? (WHEN) Start with a NEW POSTMASTER GENERAL!!!! And then Cut at least half of the EXECUTIVE positions!!! Cut them all and find NEW TALENT period! because what we have in place now isn’t working!! they are sucking up most of the BUDGET on their outrageous salaries and they don’t even work the MAIL and probably don’t even know how! The USPS keeps cutting the workforce from the bottom up like always and then they cry that it’s craft who is taking up all of the budget, when we all know that MANAGEMENT (POTTER) IS LYING ONCE AGAIN!! Why do you cut the workforce who is doing all of the work of getting the MAIL OUT to the PUBLIC and all of the EXECUTIVE people are just a bunch of pencil pushers, and FLUNKIES to PMG POTTER who should ALL BE FIRED!! So stop LYING to the PUBLIC and acting like your job is a necessity… WHAT A JOKE!! What result do you all see for your efforts??? More “BIG BOUNESES” ONCE AGAIN??? THAT’S WHY WE ARE BROKE!! BECAUSE YOU PAY YOURSELF FIRST!! FOR NOTHING!!!!!! “CUTTING SERVICE”

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