League Of Postmasters: USPS Must Fill More Than 3,000 Postmaster Vacancies

This failure to act is causing the Postal Service to waste millions of dollars each year in lost productivity


  • The recession has had a devastating impact on the finances of the Postal Service.
  • The Postal Service must respond by doing everything it can to enhance the ability of its local delivery management team to increase productivity and improve service.
  • It has not done so. More than 3,000 key postmaster management positions have not been filled by properly trained and experienced postmasters. Instead these positions have been filled by inexperienced and untrained personnel. These individuals work hard and act in good faith, but are just not as productive as a fully trained and experienced postmaster. Indeed some of the non-postmasters in charge of some Post Offices have not even been trained on window work.
  • This failure to act is causing the Postal Service to waste millions of dollars each year in lost productivity. The result is a local delivery system that is not as productive as it could be, and a large number of American communities that are not as well served as they should be. Many of these communities are in rural America.
  • Competent postmasters should fill these 3,000 positions as soon as possible. This will result in increased productivity, better service to communities, and an enhanced financial position for the Postal Service.

National League Of Postmasters

9 thoughts on “League Of Postmasters: USPS Must Fill More Than 3,000 Postmaster Vacancies

  1. Let’s me totally honest. Postmaster positions are NOT filled based on the best qualified; they are filled according to meet diversity goals.

  2. Here we are folks. The problem with the Postal Service is the unions. If the city carriers would work like most of the rural craft we might survive. Why won’t the NALC agree to evaluated routes? If the city had evaluated routes then we wouldn’t need as many managers. Also, we need to be able to fire the incompetent workers. Why should we carry around such dead weight, again another reason to boot out the unions.

  3. In larger PO’s the plant manager does the job that the PM used to do. Just another layer of management that is not necessary. It’s not like in a little town where the PM may be the only employee. In the bigger cities customers NEVER see the PM.

  4. the problem here is “properly trained and experienced”; the postal service does not have a program to develop management professionals who can fulfill the needs of the position. Postmaster is a required and necessary function, over the years it has been changed to an impossible task with the added responsibilities of personel manager, sales development professional and other jobs better that do not directly relate to moving the mail from customer to customer.

  5. Our postmaster position is vacant. The untrained fill-in is much closer to a competent Postmaster than anyone that has actually held the Postmaster job here in the last decade.

  6. I can remember the time when I first applied for a postmaster job and they told me that my IQ was too high. I told them but it’s only 53 and they told me to dummy down a bit and reapply at a later date and I did and here I am. the Postmaster General of the United States of America

  7. Save the post office. Cut postal management in half !! The postmaster position is obsolete !!!

  8. The position of post master should be completely abolished. I agree employees should be trained, but the USPS quit training their employees decades ago. They have the mentality that “they will figure it out.” Why should PM position be any different? Lower paid employees can do the job just as well and save the difference in salary. PM’s in larger cities make well over $100,000 and all they amount to is PR jobs. Shut ’em down!

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