Thirteen Charges Dismissed Against Ohio Postal Worker For OWCP Fraud

Last year, PostalReporter reported that Three Ohio Postal Workers Charged With OWCP Fraud. Since the release of this news item at least one Postal Worker has been exonerated of all charges.

The news release from the U.S. Attorney, Northern Ohio District last year stated:

A thirteen-count indictment was returned against Marlise Y. Taylor, age 43, of Broadview Heights, Ohio, charging her with four counts of Mail Fraud, six counts of Making Fraudulent Statements to Obtain Federal Employee Compensation, and three counts of False Statements. The indictment alleges that between April 28, 2006, and May 11, 2007, Taylor, a Supervisor of Distribution Operations, submitted false claims forms to the U.S. Department of Labor in which she failed to reveal her ability to work and her true medical condition resulting in the U.S. Department of Labor issuing worker’s compensation checks in the total aggregate amount of $39,490.45.

Well according to Marlise Taylor:

Although innocent until proven guilty, my name and the particulars of the allegations against me were reported as if I were already a criminal.  I gave 21 years of my life and my tax dollars to the U. S. Postal Service only to be targeted by the postal service’s National Reassessment Plan (NRP) and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) strictly based on my disability, as have many other postal workers, on a national level, who became injured during the course of their employment.

I would like to inform you that on 8/2/2010, the federal prosecutor dismissed all thirteen federal charges against me.  The reason they were dismissed is for lack of sufficient evidence because the Special Agent of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) in my case, ___________, withheld exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated me from the very beginning had he reported the whole truth instead of his contrived misrepresentations.  And, it is my speculation, that he also withheld the same evidence from the Grand Jury in order to obtain an indictment against me.  In my case, it appears that Special Agent  _______  has stolen from the taxpayers, and not me. Attached is a copy of my dismissal of the charges.

Below is a copy of the court order dismissing all charges against Marlise Taylor:

Fraud Charges Against Marlise Taylor Dismissed

Thirteen Charges Against Marlise Taylor For OWCP Fraud Dismissed

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  1. The special agent in my case and Ms. Tonia Anderson’s case, the other person who was also indicted at the Cleveland Processing & Distribution Center, was Special Agent Mark Montoya of the USPS-OIG. He is about 5’6″ with an olive complexion, short, military cut hair and of Hispanic descent. At the time (2006-2008), Special Agent Mark Montoya was working in Cleveland, Ohio. According to his testimony at Ms. Anderson’s trial, which I attended in it’s entirety, Special Agent Mark Montoya is now working in Columbus, Ohio at the Columbus Processing & Distribution Center, Columbus, OH. I suspect that more innocent, injured postal workers will be targetes and lied to and lied on by this special agent. I STRONGLY ADVISE that if you are contacted or approached by ANYONE, including a special agent who identifies himself as such, that you REFUSE to speak with him/her WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF AN ATTORNEY. Union stewards are wonderful advocates, but they are not licensed ATTORNEYS! BE ADVISED: If you go forth and speak to ANYONE, you may be talking to an uncover OIG. If they don’t have a case on you, they will once you open your mouth. Even if you don’t have anything to hide, it makes no difference!!!!!!!!!!!!! The special agent is TRAINED to MAKE A CASE AGAINST you based upon YOUR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT!!!!! You are required to cooperate in investigations, but the ELM does NOT supercede your CONSTITUTIONAL FIFTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO ATTORNEY REPRESENTATION! After you plead the fifth amendment to an OIG – LEAVE!!! Your attorney can schedule an appointment with the OIG and you and your attorney properly advise you as to WHETHER OR NOT you should make a statement! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HEED THIS ADVICE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE!!!

  2. My question, is anyone considering the fraud charges that should be brought up against the person who withheld the evidence? I reported to the OIG the fraud my supervisor did regarding my claim for an injury on the job and the case was closed without contacting me or advising me of the outcome. But moving forward on the outside with a lawyer. Hopefully you too are pursuing it further.

  3. @UT#1:

    The tax dollars I paid to the postal service are those monies that were deducted from my paycheck for 21 years then forwarded to my federal, state and local tax authorities on my behalf.

  4. Way to go lady! They are a bunch of dumb asses just like managemant and the so called NRP team.What a fricken joke!!

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