Mailers Group Says USPS Is Misleading Public on Its Finances

Press Release

Affordable Mail Alliance Responds to USPS Earnings Report

Washington, DC – The Affordable Mail Alliance today responded to the United States Postal Services’ earning report. The report contends that the USPS will not have the capital to continue opeartions into FY 2011. This claim is false.

As the Postal Service said just a month ago in its rate filing, even after making this year’s Retiree Health Benefit payment, USPS will end FY 2010 with $1.3 billion cash. Further, on October 1, the first day of FY 2011, the USPS will have access to another $1.8 billion. In addition, a potential shortfall could be eliminated by waiving either the FY 2010 or FY 2011 Retiree Health Benefit payment of $5.5 billion.

“We’re saddened to see these dubious cliams by the Postal Service and would hope for a more constructive dialogue with customers instead of making misleading public statements,” Tony Conway, Affordable Mail Alliance Spokesperson and Executive Director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers.

“Unfortunately, the Postal Service seems to be attempting to justify their proposed rate hikes of ten times the rate of inflation – a move that would drive away more consumers and worsen the financial situation they’re highlighting in this report.”

9 thoughts on “Mailers Group Says USPS Is Misleading Public on Its Finances

  1. OK, Overtime is being given away freely again at the Omaha PD&C, over 20 hours a week. Day jobs have been eliminated (forcing older workers to retire? or go to night shift with tuesday/wednesday night off, with over 30 years on the job) Numerous jobs eliminated, clerks excessed. And still the same number of supervisors. If the USPS is so in the red, and mail volume is down, why the OT? Why the same number of supervisors?

  2. HA ! Congress abdicated their responsibility for the Postal Service when it put it in a ‘sham’ mode they called “A Corporation” ?

  3. The Postal Service certainly needs to closely examine the current leadership. “Doomsday” Jack Potter seems to be willing to deliberately defy both the Congress and the President, when both have declared their support for 6-day delivery. Yet Potter forges ahead with his own agenda, why?
    Potter’s scandal ridden regime is becoming strikingly similar to a banana republic, seemingly with a snake under every rock that is turned over.
    The public deserves better than that, and certainly so do the employees. Let Ringling Brothers run the circus, Congress needs to straighten out the Postal Service.

  4. affordable Mail Alliance should cut some of their executives salary then maybe they could afford to pay a little more postage

  5. The Postal Service sets aside over 1 billion dollars annually for managers pay for performance. This is just another name for the corruption like has been occurring in corporate America. Anyone that works for the government in any position should have all of their pay and allowances “visible” for the public to access. When there is no visibility corruption occurs. The Postal Service has consistently awarded contracts to families and friends of the Postal Executives. These contacts cost the Postal Service billions every year. This kind of problem was created by PMG Potter, and the Postal Board of Governors that allowed it. The first part of the cure is to impeach the members of the Board of Governors that voted the massive bonuses to the PMG and the Vice Presidents. The second is to replace these people with people that understand the laws as set forth, and will follow them. Until that happens the Postal Service is going to founder!

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