U.S. Postal Inspection Service Launches Employee Security Initiative

Based on the commitment that no employee should have to work in an atmosphere of fear or intimidation, the Postal Service has a zero-tolerance policy for workplace violence. This applies regardless of where postal employees perform their duties.

To renew this commitment to employees, USPS and the Postal Inspection Service have launched a security initiative — combining their resources to ensure that employees are aware of steps they can take to avoid becoming a victim of violence, whether on the street (Link, 4/20) or working inside a postal facility (Link, 4/1).

According to Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell, the initiative targets workplace violence at all levels before it escalates to violence — a focus that has proven to be the most effective. This involves Postal Inspectors meeting face to face with employees and supervisors on a broad range of security and crime-prevention messages.

“By ensuring that low-level incidents like threatening remarks and other forms of non-physical intimidation are treated seriously, we can avoid the escalation in violence that sometimes follows,” says Cottrell, explaining that Inspectors conducting assault prevention presentations will provide brochures, emergency contact cards and other items to employees.

The Postal Service also has resources available to employees and supervisors to help them deal with problems at work and at home. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides assessment, referral, and short-term counseling. Postal employees and their families can call the EAP service center at 800-327-4968. For TTY, call 877-492-7341. The service center is available 24 hours a day.

source:  USPS News Link – August 2, 2010.

10 thoughts on “U.S. Postal Inspection Service Launches Employee Security Initiative

  1. Find publication 552 & 552. They will both explain harassment, and the way to end it…by law. A guy in our plant (steward) did it and brought he CMPDC plant manager to a screaming halt

  2. What about the shit front line Suoervisors have to take from MDO’s and Senior Plant Managers, especially in Baltimore GMF. The Senior Plant Manager can out F BOMB Joe Biden. Whenever he comes on the work floor he kicks trash cans and if he sees anyone just standing he berates the verbally and LOUDLY in front of whoever is there as well as F BOMB them. This person has been reported to Potter with no action ever being taken.

  3. her a nasty supervisor. Fat Patty know everything that go on there. Her like to be nasty too. her dress funny and talk funny. her do stress out and make her eyes bug out. her scream a lot. that other nasty blonde supervisor that look like a nun and walk like she got a broom up her behind. fat patty call her liar because her lie and get trouble. her like facebook and try to find man but no man want her because her stuck up walk.

  4. True, most of the harassment comes from managers! They will provoke someone, intentionally and continuously. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. I see it often and have even been a victim to it. It makes my head spin, I try to reason and ask “why”? and “How” can they do this and continue to do this? grievances are filed and EEO’s are a routine. Then “Why” does this continue? It is like one vicious circle that no one seems to stop. Does anyone have the ‘clout’ to discipline managers? They are alot of very smart craft employees that could have went into management and got the ball rolling in the right direction but dont want to be a part of the “thugs”. USPS, you could have yourself a gold mine if you put the right people in the right places and know why they dont volunteer to go there.

  5. Sir,
    How many EEO complaints can a manager have lodged against him/her before said manager is removed? Or, dare I say it, demoted back to craft?
    Like the above letter, postal management believes that the Violence in the Workplace Agreement only applies to the employees; and that threats, intimidation, and sexual harrassment are managerial tools, otherwise they would not gone to arbitration to have themselves not have to adhere to it like they did in the nineties.
    Only the employees have the responsibility to obey it.

  6. Who’s holding you hostage? Pick up and go if you “can’t wait to get out of this 8hit hole”. There’s plenty of people out there that would be thrilled to have your good government job.

  7. You bet your ass it only applies to CRAFT! Besides, has anyone ever called the P.I.’s before. I have once, and been witness to other people’s conversations w/ the P.I.’s as well; since I’m a steward. The inspector’s who answer the telephone are a bunch of jerk-off’s that the minute you tell them your a Craft employee, their demeanor changes from “can I help you”, to “what do you want?” Then, after you tell them what you called about (e.g., management delaying mail, etcetera), they tell you that you’ve contacted the wrong agency; but won’t tell you who the proper agency would be. P.I.’s aint no better the the OIG, nor management. I just can’t wait to get out of this shit hole!

  8. This only applies to CRAFT. My management people can make your life miserable, threaten you, assault you etc. Of course if my people assault you will be terminated on the spot and the offending management person will be transfer to another facility to continue their regn of terror. Got it? 🙂

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