USPS: Combination Carrier-Clerk Duty Assignment Cancelled

Tarzana, CA Postmaster Shawn White has notified Local APWU President Richard “Ski” Kwiatkowski that the Combination Carrier-Clerk duty assignment posted on July 27, 2010 has been cancelled:

“This is to inform you that the combination bid assignment #70445772 has been cancelled and will not be re-posted at this time.”
Previous article posted July 28, 2010:

USPS has notified a Local California APWU President of its intent ( it appears that the assignment has already been posted) to post a “combined full-time assignment” , consisting of six (6) hours of carrier duties and two (2) hours of clerk duties.  The Postal Service has proposed to post this job as a City Carrier Craft assignment under the jurisdiction of NALC.

Here is a  breakdown of the duties:

Manual Distribution, Breakout and Spreading: 1:59,

Office Time 1:16 and

Street Time: 4:45.

The Full-Time assignment also has a “scheme” attached along with qualifications necessary to be awarded the job.

Excerpts of the letter from USPS to the Local California President:

This is to inform you of my intent to utilize the provisions of Art 7.2A of the National Agreement to create a full-time assignment by combining duties from different crafts. The reason for establishing the combination assignment is to provide maximum full-time employment and provide necessary flexibility.

Attached you will find a copy of the combination assignment to be posted. This bid job will be designated to the NALC represented craft.

8 thoughts on “USPS: Combination Carrier-Clerk Duty Assignment Cancelled

  1. Its time we all step up and start thinking about whats happening with the Post Office. Management continues to find ways to screw us craft employees. They dont care if they violate any contract. So lets hold them accountable for every little mistake they make. Its time we (union) fight back any way we can.

  2. Mailhandler in NE – Most offices do not have MH’s. I think MH’s are mostly in Plants. We have Clerks, City Carriers and Rural Carriers.

  3. Manual distribution, breakout(breakdown), and spreading is MailHandler work. We have been through numerous RI-399’s with members of our Union, the APWU, and management. The Postal “Service” is attempting, and at all cost it seems, wanting to destroy the Unions, their contracts, and reduce the majority of the workforce into nothing more than a part-time, slave-labor, workforce. The amount of cross-craft, postal regulation, and OSHA violations that are being committed in my building is atrocious. There is seemingly nothing for any of us employees to do when even the local unions seem to have the attitude that as PTF’s we should be thankful to have a job, any hours we’re receiving, and if need be, the ability to try and receive unemployment benefits. This is when we have watched our hours get reduced to as low as 6hrs a week. How is this not wrong in anyones eyes? Comments? Any ideas or input as to where to turn for help?

  4. Instead of facilitating and trying to grow the Express mail business by having a special group of employees focus on daily delivery; the Postal Service instead killed the volume by raising the prices. Now there is so little volume they have no problem getting it delivered on time.
    What a plan!!

  5. Special Delivery Messengers used to deliver parcels, Express mail, runs to and from stations, and collections from street letter boxes. Isn’t that clerk work now?

  6. In 1997 employees in the special delivery messenger craft were merged into the clerk craft. The merger agreement with the Postal Service provided for enhanced work flexibility by adjusting duty assignments, combining the work previously performed by two separate crafts, and revision of the special delivery messenger standard position description to indicate that the bargaining unit is the clerk craft and that the new position title is “Clerk/Special Delivery Messenger.” (see 2007 APWU JCIM Article 40) *** What happened to this position description?

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