Postal Clerk Gets Prison For Embezzling $240,000

DES MOINES, Iowa — A postal clerk from Indianola has been sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $240,000.

The U.S. attorney says 47-year-old Kimberly Sue Nordhagen was sentenced Friday after admitting to converting Postal Service money orders and cash transactions to her own use.

Nordhagen, who worked at the West Suburban Station in Clive, admitted to stealing the money between January 2004 and March 2009.

In addition to her sentence, she was ordered to make full restitution to the Postal Service.

source: Associated Press

4 thoughts on “Postal Clerk Gets Prison For Embezzling $240,000

  1. When was the last time you heard of Postmaster getting prison time for stealing big time from the PO? Typical double standard in the Justice System. They always give their fellow white collar kind a slap on the wrist no matter what they do. When white collar people steal, it’s considered and “error in judgment”. When blue collar people steal it’s a “crime.” Even thought White Collar people are supposed to be held to a higher standard. What Joke!

  2. Only a year for that amount of money???? That’s just a slap on the wrists. At least give her the same amount of time that she spent stealing that money. And what about paying that money back? This kind of behavior will continue unless the nation cracks down hard on these criminals. They know they won’t have to serve long in jail. We as postal employees make good money and for someone to be that greedy to think they can get away with stealing, doesn’t deserve the good job they had. Think ahead people, is it really worth it? To give up such a good job with good benefits? Not in my opinion. The postal service could be in the black if all these criminals from within the PO were to work in a Processing Plant only for those who commited the crimes, for no wages. Like a prison, only they process the mail for the carriers. No wages, but they can go back to their cells when the work is done. Therefore they are locked up, and they work nights….FOR FREE. Just think of the savings the USPS would have.

  3. I think that who ever is making the decisions to send our regular employees out of state to work needs to reconcider, sence the fact that we still have casual employees in the state. also that the mail handlers are verry much needed here in this state.

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