EEOC Annual Report On USPS Workforce Fiscal Year 2009

From EEOC: This report covers the period from October 1, 2008, through September 30, 2009 and contains selected measures of agencies’ progress toward model EEO programs.


Targeted Disabilities

As of September 30, 2009, USPS employed 5,372 (0.76%) Individuals with Targeted Disabilities (IWTD). In order to have met the federal 2% participation rate goal, 14,158 IWTD were needed. This represents a decrease of 482 employees from FY 2008 and a decrease of 794 employees since FY 2005. The participation rate for FY 2008 was 0.77% and for FY 2005 was 0.88%. Over the 5-year period USPS had a net decrease of 0.12% in employees with targeted disabilities.

EEO Complaint Processing

I. Counseling

USPS timely processed 99.5% of the 17,054 pre-complaint counselings (without remands) completed in FY 2009.

II. Bases of Complaints Filed

The bases of alleged discrimination most often raised were: (1) Reprisal; (2) Disability (Physical); and (3) Age. Of the 5,659 complaints filed at USPS, 1,283 contained allegations of race (Black/African American) discrimination, 570 contained allegations of race (White) discrimination, 128 contained allegations of race (Asian) discrimination, 17 contained allegations of race (American Indian/Alaska Native) discrimination, 757 contained allegations of color discrimination and 2,533 contained allegations of disability discrimination.

III. Complaint Processing Times

Of the 3,014 completed investigations, 99.2% were timely. USPS’ average time for completing an investigation was 113 days. Of the agencies completing 25 or more investigations, the Tennessee Valley Authority had the lowest average of 100 days.

USPS’ average processing time for all complaint closures increased from 238 days in FY 2008 to 243 days in FY 2009. The government-wide average was 344 days.

IV. Costs

USPS agreed to pay $840,044 for 4,584 pre-complaint settlements, of which 433 were monetary settlements averaging $1,940. USPS expended a total of $4,541,324 for 3,014 complaint investigations, for an average expenditure of $1,507.

USPS agreed to pay a total of $5,631,795 plus other benefits for 598 complaint closures through settlement agreements, final agency decisions, and final agency orders fully implementing AJ decisions. For complaint closures with monetary benefits, the average award was $9,418.

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2 thoughts on “EEOC Annual Report On USPS Workforce Fiscal Year 2009

  1. The Postal Service has turned into a “predatory” agency which has turned on it’s ‘MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE” it’s own employees. The hostile wrk environment that has been allowed to continue despite the creation of the ” Violence in the Workplace” Agreement, which postal management afterwards decided did not apply to managers, only to employees, has had little effect on discouraging management from destroying employee morale.
    The Postal Service needs new leadership on the national level. The lack of any control on how managers continually maltreat the employees suggests that it is at least condoned by Postal Service Headquarters, if not encouraged.
    Perhaps a new Postmaster General would “right the ship”.

  2. I am a usps rehab since 1991 working in my bid window clerk position for over 20 year. the only restriction i have is no continous lifting over 60 pounds. I work up tp 12 hours per day and average 10 hours per day. Last week rehab team came in and said there is no longer any work available for me. I will be replaced by a junior able bodied person. USPS is using rehab incentive program to rid the postal service of handicapped persons.

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