USPS To Conduct Two-Part Survey Of Employees and Customers

From the National Association Of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS)

President Bob Rapoza received on July 20, 2010 a notice from the Postal Service that they will conduct a two-part survey of the employees and customers.  The survey is intended to gain insight into people’s perception of the Postal Service brand and how the organization has impacted them.  The Postal Service will solicit input from two different groups of 500 randomly selected Postmasters.  Employee participation is voluntary.  The research will be conducted through two surveys:  The first will begin approximately July 26 and is expected to conclude by August 6.  The second will begin approximately September 20 and is expected to conclude by October 1.

3 thoughts on “USPS To Conduct Two-Part Survey Of Employees and Customers

  1. I was sent a letter informing me that I was chosen for this so called survey. The other survey asked for your sex and craft. I am the only female in my craft. We had one particularly rotten PO at that time. I was pulled into the office when the results came back and he knew exactly what I put on that survey. I refuse to fill out any more and I get them twice a year. I have been through NRP and that was enough. I send all survey letters back marked “REFUSED” and I refuse to do an online survey as well. All of the information in those surveys goes right to management and they know exactly to to attack.

  2. The employees of the postal service do an excellent job! My carrier goes down my street like a flash, says Hi and have a nice day. (Santa couldn’t do better) The Window clerk at my office and the towns around me where i buy stamps are always friendly.
    The problem with the postal service is with upper management. They are cutting service and wasting money! How often do we see some one gave out contracts that should have been done by their own employees? PMG Potter received a nice big fat increase and retirement package and all his managers received increases and bonuses. There are too many layers of management between postmasters, supervisors and the manager in charge. There are allegedly too many top managers with their hand in the cookie jar that just seem to disappear. There should be an outside investigation of the postal service.

  3. If this survey is similar to the alleged ” Voice of the Employee ” survey, it is another fraud. The results, from employees who naievely believe that it is a forthright effort from the Postal Service, will be “: cherry picked” and twisted to get the answers that the Postal Service wants. The letter carrier union was right years ago when it told it’s members that the Voice of the Employee survey was a sham.
    Be careful whet you write as it will not come out as you intended.

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