USPS to Crowdsource Graphic Illustration for Season’s Greetings from Hawaii Packages, an online crowdsourcing startup announced a design contest for the United States Postal Service in Hawaii. The Post Office recognizes the power of the crowd too

The United States Postal Service in Hawaii has selected the online community of designers at to crowdsource the design of a “Season’s Greetings from Hawaii” logo to be printed on the Hawaii Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Boxes. A new design contest via Prova’s online platform was created to satisfy the Post Office’s marketing, branding, and advertising needs.

Prova has built a community of skilled and emerging design talent to offer just such solutions for the business community. “Crowdsourcing is an expedient, cost effective, and often superior method of completing any kind of project, and especially where print or online designs are concerned;” said Prova Founder David Gash.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) in Honolulu approached Prova to engage the design community there with the project. The USPS needs to “inspire Postal Service customers to choose the Large Flat Rate Box for shipping packages worldwide”. USPS Retail Manager Nancy Wong had this to say about their selection of Prova:

“We liked Prova’s system because we’ll get a wider submission base with Prova, than simply getting ideas from our employees. You just put down what you want and designers from all over are going to be able to submit their designs.”

Prova takes advantage of virtually untapped skills and resources via the web. Tens of thousands of talented artists and designers can be engaged using Prova as a platform for assignments – as well as for promoting their work. Prova’s CEO and Founder had this to say about the contest; “Crowdsourcing is beginning to come into its own because of the advent and adaptation of digital technologies. We are obviously thrilled the digital design community has this opportunity to satisfy a tangible need of a global concern such as the USPS.”

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  1. Thanks for posting our story about the USPS crowdsourcing a design for their Priority Mail Boxes. We’re excited to help them out & invite anyone to submit their ideas. As always, ideas can be entered for free, & the winning design will collect some prize money, plus their design will be on every Large Priority Mail Box shipped out of Hawaii.

    I’d love to help anyone get involved with running their own ad design contest or learning about freelance designing.


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