USPS: Privacy Act May Apply When Collecting Personal Info From Customers Or Employees

A brief update on an article posted several months ago regarding the omission of USPS’s Privacy Act on an online survey.

Some USPS managers are requiring all window clerks to answer an online survey regardless of how many hours they work the window. I clicked on the link,, and didn’t see a valid ‘Privacy Act Notice.’ Specifically, content items b, c, d, and e listed in section 3-2.2.b.1 for a ‘Privacy Act Notice’ are missing. Since the retail clerks have to enter their POS ID, they are personally identifiable and should receive a ‘Privacy Act Notice.’ Did your office approve this online survey?

Don Cheney

Today USPS posted the following message:

NOTICE REQUIRED. If personal information is collected from an employee or customer on a form or survey, the Privacy Act may apply. When personal information maintained in a Privacy Act system of records is collected, a privacy notice must be provided. The notice — or “Privacy Act Statement” — is basic information about why data is being collected, the laws that allow USPS to collect it, and the disclosures that may be made using the information. The Privacy Office is responsible for reviewing and approving all Privacy Act Statements.