Black Postal Workers Brace For Proposed Cuts

From National Public Radio:

For decades, the U.S. Postal Service has provided many communities of color with a reliable career option with steady benefits. But proposed budget and service cuts — including eliminating Saturday deliveries — threaten the livelihoods of many career postal workers. To get a sense of how communities of color will be affected by these proposed cuts, host Michel Martin speaks with William Burrus, president of the American Postal Workers Union. Also joining the discussion is Philip Rubio, the author of There’s Always Work at the Post Office: African American Postal Workers and the Fight for Jobs, Justice and Equality. click here to listen to the story

5 thoughts on “Black Postal Workers Brace For Proposed Cuts

  1. You’re right, “Politically Correct.” It is an incredibly racist article. But we all know the double standard that exists in this country today….

  2. It’s not surprising that Mr Burrus is a black man. Does this mean that his union “represents” all their members, but is only concerned for their black members that may lse their jobs. Lay-off ‘s are based on seniority, not by the color of your skin or ethnicity. It’s unbelievably racist that he’s even spinning the story that way. Shouldn’t even have had air time

  3. Why dose everything have to be about color. Are we not all postal empolyees. We all do the same jobs. The Mail dose not know what color the person is that is handling it. Come on People lets grow up. We are all Gods people.

  4. Even thou I am Africian American I must agree with you Politically Correct on. This economic problem facing the postal service affects all people of all colors and even thou I take the plight of Africian Americans seriously, you have to pic your battles and this is not one.

  5. Seriously? Could there be a more blatantly racist article written? What about all the postal workers of other colors and creeds? Wow………..

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