Postal Worker Responds to Postcom’s Comment on Employees “Sitting Idly In Holding Rooms” published the following response to its accusation that postal workers were “sitting idle in holding rooms refusing to do work because contract agreements said they didn’t have to.”(7/14)

We sit idle on the clock because management orders us to do so. There are employees asking to leave without pay and they are not allowed to go. There is work for us to perform. I know, I have documented the amount of mail sitting and waiting for management to put the clerks back on the floor. The Union has filed grievances to stop this behavior and they are all held pending a national decision from POSTAL MANAGEMENT. The reason they will not let the employees that want to leave the building go home is because there is work that needs to be done and if they let those employees go home the mail won’t be moved. It’s not the Unions causing the problem. It’s the beancounters in headquarters who have no idea of how the mail actually gets from one place to another. They look at reports and make stupid decisions. If you want your postal rates to go down trim USPS Headquarters. While there are fewer craft employees the number of people employeed at headquarters has increased. Go to your local post office and talk to a window clerk if you want the real scoop on the USPS. Stop beating up the people that do move your mailings and that actually care that it gets moved properly.

Sounds like something the Postal Service’s Inspector General should explore.

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  1. FIRE!!! PMG POTTER!!!! He is the BIGGEST(ONLY) reason the USPS is FAILING!!!

  2. I figure if every employee can document “waste” know where and who to report it, man would the postal service have money!! I’d be willing to bring my OWN pens to work!

  3. I work at large Processing and Distribution Center.

    My shift’s section has 36 employees.

    The 36 of us are supervised by 3 full time supervisors.

    The 3 supervisors answer to a shift section manager.

    This is repeated on the other two shifts (my department has not been “consolidated”)

    Each shift’s section manager answers to the department manager.

    The department manager answers to the plant manager.

    Assisting all of the supervisors and managers are two department “specialist” managers.

    And one must not forget to factor in the “Human Resources”, “Labor Relations” “In Plant Support”, Inspection Service and OIG supervisors and managers.

    I figure my section in my department has a ratio of between 4:1 and 6:1 workers to management. Even ICU care in hospitals is not this management intense. And considering my department is an equipment maintenance department, we don’t even touch the mail. It amazes me that the USPS is still in business at all with such a top heavy management pyramid, probably half of which could be eliminated with no effect or a beneficial effect on mail processing.

    Major Mailers print mail that is usually of little to no redeemable value if stolen, “junk mail” if you will. Comparing minimum wage workers who print and sort this low value mail to loyal dedicated Postal Workers who handle billions of dollars worth of credit cards, collectible coins, firearms, laptop computers, stock certificates, US Treasury and other checks and sorts of other very valuable mail is an apples to oranges comparison. Look at the turnover rate for USPS employees verses the Major Mailers and see who you want to sort and deliver you new credit cards.

    Personally I believe PMG Jack Potter is simply not getting the job done and he has been in the position longer than any other PMG in Postal history, long enough to be tempted by corruption and to have established the internal relationships needed to keep secrets.


  5. “sounds like something the inspector general should explore.” c’mon, don’t
    be so naive! if anyone out there thinks the oig (office of inspector general)
    is a legitimate honest investigatory body, think again. in my humble
    opinion the OIG is simply an organization put in place to coverup postal
    fraud and unethical behavior. pay attention to the results of the oig’s investigations when it comes to postal management and i am confident
    you will share my view that these knuckleheads are simply a facade put
    in place to keep the public from learning the truth about postal fraud,
    corruption, unethical and incompetent behavior.

  6. I’m sure there is some thruth to that although in some cases there may not be enough work for a particular office’ staff. But rest assure, the part of the response to the original story that is absolutely true is that there are WAY to many manager’s within the US Postal service going from office to office (burning fuel to boot) toting their clipboards and collecting data (much of it useless) in order to create the illusion that they are somehow performing essential duties. It is amazing the size of this Army who day after day collect the same data. Sometimes one arrives in the morning then another later that day and gather the identical information. Not that I want to see people lose their jobs but that is where $$$ is being wasted.

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