City Carrier Work Years and Workhours, by Employee Type FY 2009

The Postal Regulatory Commision requested that USPS provide the following:
For each of the city carrier employee types indicated in Attachment 1 of USPS-T-7, please provide the distribution of total city carrier work years, indicated in the third column of the first table, by day of the week, for FY 2009.

Here are the charts:

Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS) data for FY 2009 were obtained for the city carrier employee types listed below to determine the percentage of workhours by day of week, as shown in Table 1 on the next sheet. These percentages are applied to the “Work Year” and “Total FY Workhours” data
below (which is from my testimony, USPS-T-7, Attachment 1, page 2) and are reported in Tables 2 and Table 3 respectively.

3 thoughts on “City Carrier Work Years and Workhours, by Employee Type FY 2009

  1. Just an observation. The old saying is true “garbage in garbage out.” Alot of the data the post office suppositly collects is inaccurate. Mangers and postmasters alike doctor the info to keep from getting chewed on by managers above them. ALL UNIONS NEED TO QUESTION EVERYTHING about accuracy of ALL DATA.
    I bet if an independent organization collected info without everyone worrying about being chewed out . The info collected would be a truer picture.

  2. Just a note in our office Tuesday is a very busy day. We delivery the food section for a local newspaper and red plum ever other Tuesday along with the other mail.

  3. There is always more to the story than just the numbers which is what the PO likes to use to their advantage. Tuesday is a low volume day so it shows less production on paper.

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