Postal Commentator Questions PRC Chairman’s Remarks On Five-Day Delivery


The following is an extraordinary letter to the editor of the New York Times from long-time postal sage Murray Comarow:

The Postal Service’s proposal to switch to five-day delivery is complex and controversial. [New York Times article “Sides Form Over Threat to Saturday Mail Service,” 7-6-10] Congress has therefore directed the Postal Regulatory Commission to study the issue; its recommendations are expected in October.

But Ruth Y. Goldway, the Commission’s Chairwoman, apparently has already made up her mind. The article quotes her as saying, “”The Postal Service in fact should be expanding its accessibility and delivery capability to meet those needs. The long-term future of the Postal Service may be limited by their interest in reducing service today.”

She is certainly entitled to her opinion, but it is safe to say that Congress expected a serious, credible study leading to recommendations by the PRC’s five presidentially-appointed commissioners. This shoot-from-the-hip comment by Mrs. Goldway is not exactly new and tends to undermine confidence in the Commission.

I don’t know how the other four commissioners feel about Mrs. Goldway’s pre-emptive remarks; perhaps the Times should ask them. I’d guess they would rightly say, “No comment until we report to Congress.”