Does anyone at USPS HQ actually listen to what they’re saying?

From Postcom:

Here’s a quote from a USPS executive published by Logistics Management. It’s a beaut.

“We are facing this problem because of a massive drop in mail volume and the fact that the bulk of our costs are fixed by laws, contracts, or regulations. Our operating flexibility is severely limited right now. Our network is expanding by a million delivery points every year, and we are subject to a lot of legal requirements that limit our ability to reduce service commensurate with the decline in demand.”

Okay, okay. Let’s see. The USPS is losing mail volume, so the way to gain that volume back is to raise prices. Right? Wonderful logic, don’t you think? Okay, okay, “our costs are fixed by…contracts.” Are we expected to believe that those contracts happened without USPS participation or complicity? Gimme a break. Okay, okay, “we are subject to a lot of legal requirements.” You’re a government agency with a statutory monopoly, for cryin’ out loud! You want to be rid of both, go private and leave your governmental binky at home. Does anyone over there actually listen to what they’re saying?

2 thoughts on “Does anyone at USPS HQ actually listen to what they’re saying?

  1. This needs to be on 60 Minutes or Dateline or one of those news shows. The public really needs to know what goes on.

  2. Get rid of the over priced contracts that you pay for supplies, and outside labor we have employees who are more than qualified to do the work! when you are paying B S prices for tape and pens come on you need to take another look at those contracts and NOT RE-NEW WAKE UP!!! they see us as SUCKERS and are laughing all the way to the BANK!! We can buy some of our supplies at Walmart or some where cheap like that, instead of where ever you are buying everything we are getting from.. Hell most of it is CRAP anyway!!! As far as going PRIVATE ” HELL NO” Reduce TOP MANAGEMENT!!!by 90%

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