USPS Reports $642 Million Loss for Month Of May

The US Postal Service filed its May 2010 (unaudited) preliminary financial report on Friday, June 24, 2010 with the Postal Regulatory Commission. USPS reported a net income/ loss of $642 million. The total Fiscal Year to year loss is $2.9 billion ($382 lost for April; $381 lost for month of March; $611 lost in February;  $592 million lost for the month of January, $179 Million gain the month of December; $255 million lost for November; $221 Million lost the month of October) see full report at the Postal Regulatory Commission

Total Mail Services Volume was down 0.9%
Total Shipping was up 4.6%
Total Mail voume was down 0.8% but revenue up by 0.1%

First class volume down 6.3%
Stand Mail up by 5.6%

Total Workhours was down 3.8% (City Carriers 3.0%, Mail Processing, 9.0%, Cusotmer Services 8.5%, Rural Delivery up by 2.4%, Other 0.8%)
Total Career Employees 590,596
Total Non-Career Employees 89,135

Vehicle Maintenance Service was up 33.6% (see OIG report on Vehicle Maintenance)

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  1. that’s odd. that’s exactly the same ammount that was paid out in bonuses last month to all of the fat cats like me.

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