Testimony from Joint Senate and House Hearing on the USPS

Video: United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs : Hearings

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
02:30 PM
Dirksen Senate Office Building, room G-50
Member Statements


Panel 1

  • H. James Gooden [view testimony]
    Chairman, Board of Directors
    American Lung Association
  • Donald Hall, Jr. [view testimony]
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Hallmark Cards, Inc.
  • Allen Abbott [view testimony]
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    MenStyle, Inc.
  • Keith McFalls [view testimony]
    Vice President of Operations, PrimeMail and Triessant
    Prime Therapeutics
  • Paul Misener [view testimony]
    Vice President of Global Public Policy
  • Paul Misener [view testimony]
    Vice President of Global Public Policy
  • Andrew Rendich [view testimony]
    Chief Service and DVD Operations Officer
    Netflix, Inc.

Panel 2

  • Don Cantriel [view testimony]
    National Rural Letter Carriers Association
  • Mr. Frederic Rolando [view testimony]
    National Association of Letter Carriers
  • William Burrus [view testimony]
    American Postal Workers Union
  • Richard Collins [view testimony]
    Assistant to the President
    National Postal Mail Handlers Union
  • Louis Atkins [view testimony]
    Executive Vice President
    National Association of Postal Supervisors
  • Charles Mapa [view testimony]
    National League of Postmasters
  • Robert Rapoza [view testimony]
    National Association of Postmasters of the United States

One thought on “Testimony from Joint Senate and House Hearing on the USPS

  1. As a letter carrier, I am so disappointed that 5 day is even being considered. The many jobs that will be lost should be a major factor as well as the additional strain on the economy it would cause. Why have we lost sight that it is the United States Postal SERVICE (not BUSINESS!) If we try to turn it into a business as Mr. Potter is trying so desperately to do, we will be out of business. I’ve already notified netflix that if my subscription price goes up along with getting fewer deliveries of movies, I will cancel my subscription. I do not want strangers that are hired day labor to snoop around my home deliving saturday magazines . It would be a great oportunity for thieves when they see you’ve been on vacation for 2 weeks! I’m sure there are people chomping at the bit to take that service from us. Many of my business customers have already stated they would give more business to UPS and Fedex if we go to 5 day……..where is Potter’s future business model for that! Please keep our jobs and the trust of the American People. They have only been given a partial picture of the reality of this proposal.

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