Yuba County Will Seek Injunction To Stop USPS From Closing Postal Facility

Yuba County released the following information:

Chair Griego advised the county has been working on the matter of the closing of the Olivehurst Distribution Facility and was given assurances in a meeting with the Deputy Post Master General regarding transparency and ability to review supporting documentation and to date have failed to keep a dialog. Ms. Griego was advised by Postal Union Workers President Rick Page that facility machinery would be removed on Saturday and this is why we are requesting an injunction.

Counsel Angil Morris-Jones advised the County does not have standing to file an action in this matter in relationship to economic issues; however, under the Constitution, the basis would be to protect the health and safety of the community. There would be two issues; one is air quality issues stating a report was prepared but to date has not been received for review and comment and the County would be harmed in this endeavor. The second is the lack of agricultural inspection which there could be harm if not performed. Ms. Morris Jones advised the risks involved to file a petition and injunction in Federal Court are to preserve the status quo until a hearing was held and perhaps a preliminary standing order.

Chair Griego stated the postal office have been resistant to speak with the county regarding environmental
and air quality issues.

In response to inquiries by Supervisor Nicoletti, Counsel advised if the injunction were granted it will stay any closure and preserves the status quo further advising temporary restraining order typically remains in place until a temporary hearing is held. Ms. Morris-Jones stated a preliminary injunction would be requested and without strong opposition that hearing would be two to three weeks down the road. Costs to the County would be approximately $10,000 to $15,000 for the temporary injunction, and if able to show merit and overcome opposition for a preliminary injunction another $10,000, but felt costs would not exceed $25,000.