Washington region Postal Service boss out of a job after incident in Sterling

The top U.S. Postal Service official for the Washington region is out of a job following an incident last week in Sterling involving a female postal worker.

Jerry D. Lane had served as vice president of operations for the Capital Metro Area since 2006. Lane, based in Gaithersburg, visited the Dulles Processing and Distribution Center in Sterling on June 1 and got into an argument with the building’s manager, Kathleen J. Michaels, according to employees familiar with the incident. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 call at the building around 2 p.m., said spokesman Kraig Troxell.Michaels filed misdemeanor assault charges on June 3 and Lane was issued a summons to appear in  Washington region Postal Service boss out of a job after incident in Sterling on June 17, according to court records.

via Federal Eye – Washington region Postal Service boss out of a job after incident in Sterling.

5 thoughts on “Washington region Postal Service boss out of a job after incident in Sterling

  1. This might interest you out there who are working and toiling to move the mail:
    LANE, JERRY D Title VP AREA OPERATIONS Grade 02 Salary/Wage* $196,000 Rate Type (Annual or Hourly) A – Duty/Hire Year 1978 – Facility Name CAPITAL METRO AREA PFC – City GAITHERSBURG State MD Work Zip 20898
    Of course, this is only his “base” salary. He got pay for performance (big) money as well. Remember. stress starts at the top and flows down hill just like the sewer.

  2. didn’t management have classes about how they talk to people. didn’t the postal inspectors give classes on how they understand that how management talks to people is the reason alot of issues happen at the post office. so if they know they shouldn’t do it and do it anyway obviously all those classes are just lipstick on a pig (lol). the post office has been lying since i have been there (1979) they mean nothing that they say except if it is used to humiliate an employee in front of others. i say most of management were bullies in school, are bullies at home, and bullies in life in general. nothing these managers do surprises me. but i am pleasantly surprised when they aren’t azzwholes and that is rare indeed. chalk this incident as another manager inpressed at what he thinks as his own importance, in the real world he wouldn’t he hired as head fry cook at mcdonalds he would have to be nice to the customers.

  3. They NEVER get fired! the USPS just moves them all around the Country! Sex assault or what ever kind of assault it doesnt matter they say ZERO TOLLERANCE but that’s not true. Hell he just may be our next POSTMASTER GENERAL LOL.. My point is management can assault us daily verbally (and they do) and nothing is done to them because it is encouraged from THE TOP!! They need to clean house starting from the top and maybe then things will change! Change their way of thinking, better people skills and STOP ruling with an IRON FIST. Take a look at how other companies like (Google)and how they treat their employees and why they are HAPPY and WILL WORK HARD for their EMPLOYER!! Just because we work for the Federal Government doesn’t mean we have to be mistreated!! Get rid of the BAD MANAGERS!!

  4. Typical upper management style with their mindset “I am above any repercussions.” “Nothing can happen to me, I am too important.”

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