NALC: Stop USPS from Making ‘Big Mistake’

Nationwide Campaign Launched By NALC

NALC is taking its campaign to preserve the long-term viability of the Postal Service to the streets this summer.

President Fred Rolando launched the “Save Saturday Delivery” campaign with a national mailing to branch leaders and state-level legislative activists. Included in the mailing is a comprehensive toolkit designed to help local leaders weigh in with Congress on the need to keep Saturday delivery and mobilize support for our position with the Postal Regulatory Commission.

“This fight cannot be won in Washington alone,” Rolando said. “We need every member to help us prevail – giving up Saturday delivery to competitors is the most short-sighted idea imaginable. We must stop the Postal Service from making such a big mistake.”

The “Save Saturday Delivery” toolkit contains fact sheets, talking points and instructions for activists. NALC congressional district liaisons and state legislative chairs will organize in-district visits with House and Senate members and organize letter-writing campaigns aimed at key legislators.

Branch leaders will conduct community outreach to encourage opposition to the elimination of Saturday delivery, both in Congress and within the PRC, which is conducting a formal review of the USPS proposal for weekday-only collections and delivery. Its advisory opinion, which will be released by the end of the year, could be influential in Congress – the only body with the power to approve the USPS plan.

The NALC believes that eliminating Saturday delivery would do more harm than good – it will simply push more mailers out of the postal system by making it less valuable.

“Slower service and higher rates is not a business strategy,” Rolando said. “Congress must reform the retiree health pre-funding provisions of the law. And we must do our part to preserve the excellent level of service we provide, six days a week, and seek to add new services that will generate new revenue for the USPS.”

Through the “Save Saturday Delivery” campaign, NALC aims to educate members of Congress, as well as the general public, about what it’s really going to take to fix the Postal Service. “The Postal Service is a vital national service and we have a responsibility to fight for its future,” Rolando said.

source: NALC

6 thoughts on “NALC: Stop USPS from Making ‘Big Mistake’

  1. The postal service has already ran off customers. There is no customer service anymore.

  2. Bottom line- I would like to continue paying my mortgage and eating!
    I have a family to help support, as do thousand of other RCA’s!
    I love my job delivering in rural Leonard, TX and certainly want it to continue!
    Get it together people! Stop the crazy idea of no saturday delivery! You are taking your customer service and throwing it out the window! Your customers are your business! Just a thought- but maybe the Potter’s of the post office should consider less pay of maybe eliminating thier position all together!
    Bet they wouldn’t go to congress with that idea!

  3. J Jameson you hit it right on the head. Potter is attempting to privatise the Postal Service right before our eyes. What I want to know is why aren’t the Unions screaming for his resignation? Potter must go, it is the only way the Service will survive.

  4. Sirs, Since the President, the Congress, the employees, the country’s largest mailers, and the general public don’t want to go to 5-day delivery, then why does the Postmaster General?
    Then you have to ask yourself, why would the Postmaster General decide to go rogue and ignore the President and Congress, as if he worked for someone else?
    Ok, here is the big one, WHO does he work for, and why is the Postal Service being targeted for destruction?
    Come on Mr Potter, tell us who you really work for?

  5. me and my fellow letter carrier beer drinkers need off on saturdays so we can attend the man versus beer competitions across the united states. the winner gets a six pack of beer.

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