USPS Cited For Safety Violations At Philadelphia Mail Facility

USPS Cited for Safety Violations in Philadelphia
Citations Issued at Five Locations since April 29

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) issued the USPS its fifth set of safety citations on June 3, charging the Postal Service with six counts of “willful” and “serious” violations [PDF] at the Philadelphia Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC).

OSHA fined the USPS $217,000 for the latest set of citations, which were issued on the same day as five violations at the Philadelphia Bulk Mail Center. The most recent charges bring the Postal Service’s total OSHA fines to nearly $1.5 million.

OSHA said the USPS willfully exposed employees to the risk of electric shock and burn hazards when working on electrically-energized machinery at the P&DC, and failed to give employees proper protective equipment or sufficient training for operating live machinery.

The Philadelphia P&DC violations are the fifth set of citations issued to the Postal Service since April 29. Other safety citations were issued at the Philadelphia BMC; in Bedford Park, IL; in Denver, CO; and in Providence, RI.

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  1. What else is new. To paraphrase my management, “safety first” unless it interferes with the bottom line.

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