PRC: Witness List For Hearings In Dallas and Memphis To Consider USPS 5-Day Mail Delivery

Witness List for the Postal Regulatory Commission Field Hearings On U.S. Postal Service Six-Day to Five-Day Mail Delivery Proposal

Monday, May 17, 1:00 p.m.Dallas City Hall
L1 Auditorium
1500 Marilla Street
Dallas, TX

Panel 1
Phil Major
Wise County Messengerr
Decatur, Texas

Roy Robinson
Publisher, VP, Graham Newspapers
Graham, Texas

The Honorable Bruce R. Sherbet
Election Administrator, Dallas County
Dallas, Texas

Suzanne Henderson
County Clerk, Tarrant County
Forth Worth, Texas

Panel 2
Ellis Burgoyne
Southwest Area Vice President
U.S. Postal Service

Shelley Hyde
CEO, NDSI Direct Solutions
Dallas, Texas

Carol Kliewer
Director, Distribution & Logistics, Order Fulfillment
Harland Clarke
Dallas, Texas

Carol Bald
Postal Operations Manager
Strategic Fulfillment Group
Big Sandy, Texas

Wednesday, May 19, 1:00 p.m.
Memphis City Hall
Council Chambers
125 North Main Street
Memphis, TN

Panel 1
Linda WelchSoutheast Area Vice President, U.S. Postal Service

Cheryl Chapman
Envelope Paper Products Manager
International Paper Co.
Memphis, TN

Joseph AdamsPublisher, The Lebanon Democrat
Lebanon, TN
Bill Graham
W.E. Graham Inc. (Star Route Contractor)
Memphis, TN

Panel 2
Shri GreenPostal Supervisor/National Assoc. of Postmasters Area V.P. for Cotton Belt Area
Memphis, TN

Mike Morris
Assistant Clerk Director, American Postal Workers Union
Birmingham, AL

Earlice Taylor
Member, Glenview Development Corporation
Memphis, TN

Hazel Burks
Member, Bluebird Estates Neighborhood Association
Memphis, TN

Lynn Strickland
Member, Colonial Acres Neighborhood Association
Memphis, TN

Monday, June 21, 1:00 p.m.
Chicago City Hall
Council Chambers, Room 201A
121 LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL

Other Upcoming Hearings
Wednesday, June 23, 9:00 a.m.
Journey Museum
222 New York Street
Rapid City, SD

Monday, June 28, 1:00 p.m.
Buffalo City Hall, 13th floor
Common Council Chambers
Buffalo, NY

2 thoughts on “PRC: Witness List For Hearings In Dallas and Memphis To Consider USPS 5-Day Mail Delivery

  1. 5 day delivery will put mail carriers out of work, with the unemployment rate so high I believe this is a bad idea. So many people count on and look forward to the Saturday delivery. Six day delivery is here to stay. Give the carriers who are ready to retire a buyout and you will see many who will jump at the chance. Save our young men and women their jobs!

  2. I would like the 5 day delivery. maybe it’s for selfish reasons, but I think it would even improve the mentallity of us Rural Carriers, if we ALL had Saturdays off! I really enjoy my job being a Rural Carrier, but I do not (along with many fellow workers) have a full weekend to enjoy my family. I know this seems sooo major to change a 213 year old thriving company, but it’s not thriving as well anymore. There has to be a change, and I look forward to family trips, soccer games, sleeping in late, among many other things, if the 5 day delivery happens.

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