Media Outlets Ignore PMG’s Comment About “Value of Going to Four Days” Mail Delivery

As PostalReporter reported on Monday, Potter said it’s possible that USPS can remove a second day of delivery. But the media did not pick up on this comment posted on the Washington Post website.

Postmaster General John Potter leads a cry for retrenchment
Potter expects that unions will make concessions during negotiations this year, but William Burrus, president of the American Postal Workers Union, warned otherwise. “I’m not going to make any concessions,” Burrus said. “He’s trying to deny services to the American public through the service reductions. All of this is designed to accelerate significant savings and become a delivery arm of major mailers. “The value of going to four days — removing a second day — is even greater,” he said. Although no such plans exist, Potter said that Tuesdays are the second-slowest day of the week.

10 thoughts on “Media Outlets Ignore PMG’s Comment About “Value of Going to Four Days” Mail Delivery

  1. Na, it is kinda of amuzing to watch these idiots boil…Keep up the good work….I think he does make a few good points. I guess it doesn’t matter what craft….

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  7. You can bet the only saving’s in this will be the carrier’s time saved. Management will be paid the same no matter what. This guy needs to go and go fast, he is tearing down the Postal Service everyday and all his management buddies are helping all they can.

  8. Why just for that STUPID COMMENT is nobody calling for this IDIOT the be held accountable and be FIRED! It’s very clear what he’s trying to do! and if nobody can see this then you have got to be either blind or you are trying to help him DESTROY the USPS… TIME FOR PMG POTTER TO GO AND TAKE HIS FLUNKIES WITH HIM!! FIRE HIM!!! FIRE HIM!

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