PRC: Witness List For May 12 Hearing In Sacramento To Consider USPS 5-Day Delivery

Witness List for the Postal Regulatory Commission Field Hearing
Sacramento, California

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Panel 1Mury Salls
Senior Vice President, DST Mailing Services/President, Major Mailers Association
El Dorado Hills, CA

Sharif M. Sleiman
Director, Global Procurement, eBay, Inc.
San Jose, CA

Grady Hesters
CEO, Audio Editions
Auburn, CA

Joe Ridout
Consumer Services Manager, Consumer Action
San Francisco, CA

Panel 2Bill Hodson
Sacramento District Manager, U.S. Postal Service
Sacramento, CA

Jill LaVine
Registrar of Voters, City of Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

John Beaumont
California State President, National Association of Letter Carriers
Burlingame, CA

4 thoughts on “PRC: Witness List For May 12 Hearing In Sacramento To Consider USPS 5-Day Delivery

  1. Do you know that Canada delivers 6 days a week and they have had a profit for over 10 years straight? Why don’t we look at their operations and find out what they are doing right before we cut our throats.

  2. The words from John Beaumont….will be the truth,,,,,nothing but the truth, mam!!

    Only lies and deceptive words from the usps …who know better than to tell the truth or Potter will have their jobs…
    they were hand picked to further all the bad math and the wishes of the privitizers who wish to take over’

    John will tell it like it is…I hope Ms. Goldway will see through all the lies like she did with Potter’s math a few weeks ago…


  3. I need to be off on saturdays because that is the day that I drink the most

  4. There may be cost reduction reducing from 6 to 5 day delivery.I suggest Wednesday be the day of the week there would be no regular mail delivery. Saturday would be a huge mistake.

    I have 37 years experience supervising distribution and delivery of mail for the US Postal Service. Saturday is not a light volume mail day. Furthermore, Monday is a very heavy mail volume day.

    In addition, combine this weekly event with Monday holidays and it would adversely effect the delivery operation. Tuesday after a holiday with no mail delivery on Saturday and Monday would ruin the moral of the staff.

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