NALC: Memorandum signed on Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process

President Rolando announced May 4 that the NALC and the Postal Service have reached an agreement on the next phase of a Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process. However, the agreement makes it clear that finalizing a number of incomplete revisits of 2009 MIARAP adjustments must be given priority over the evaluation and adjustment of routes/zones under the new JARAP.

Included among several positive changes to the process are automatic reviews of specific forms to ensure the integrity of the data being reviewed. Additionally, rather than reviewing all routes/zones nationwide, only routes/zones requested by either party will be evaluated and/or adjusted under JARAP. Local parties may also submit locally developed alternatives for adjusting routes to the national parties for review and possible approval.

“NALC is pleased to reach an agreement that improves the joint alternative process,” Rolando said. “The new agreement builds on the key principles established in the IRAP and MIARAP—no decision at any level regarding the evaluation and/or adjustment of any route can be made without the agreement of both the union and management.”

  • M-01720: The 23 page joint guidelines to the new Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process (JARAP) This includes the shaded MOU language itself.
  • M-01717: The JARAP Memorandum of Understanding itself
  • M-01719: MOU on prioritizing incomplete 2009 MIARAP revisits first
  • M-01718: MOU on Alternative Evaluation and Adjustment Processes.

source:  The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO

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