PRC:Pre-Hearing Conference April 27th On USPS Request To Eliminate Saturday Delivery

From Postal Regulatory Commission

April 27, 2010 –

Notice: Live audio broadcast of a public Prehearing Conference in Docket No. N2010-1 will air at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 27. Links to the audio will be posted here approximately 10 minutes prior to the broadcast

This conference will provide the Postal Service and formal intervenors the opportunity to discuss procedures and scheduling concerns related to Commission consideration of the Postal Service request to eliminate Saturday delivery of mail.

9 thoughts on “PRC:Pre-Hearing Conference April 27th On USPS Request To Eliminate Saturday Delivery

  1. Twelve hours later, and that audio has not materialized. Did you think my SUPERVISORS would post the link?
    This is what the cool kids would call “epic fail.”

  2. What about the elderly whose only contact during the week with the outside world is the postal service? Altho not often; what about the old people who fell Fir. night or Sat Morn and phrase be to god the carrier was there to hear their cry for help.What about the people who work all week and the only time that they can request delivery of a package is on Sat.
    Why not eleminate the board of directors and return the Postal Service to the government; after all it is a public service; and, most of the financial problems did not start until the government took a back seat.
    Lastly there is enough unemployment in the world and bringing in machines ( in the name of progress) has already eleminated enough jobs and people; people whose paycheck now is now lining the pockets of the board.

  3. whats wrong with you people? did you forget we are a SERVICE! we owe it to our customers who depend on us to bring their meds, their checks, get their bill posted that one day does make a difference time wise on their bills some people don’t want to pay bills on line they don’t trust the internet and the small business who are very important to us, ect.. you say cut 50,000 more jobs great idea! maybe if it comes from upper management, the staff who has nothing to do with working the mail yet way over paid. they have already cut the hell out of craft jobs now it’s their turn to cut their jobs but we all know thats not going to happen. and for those of you who don’t work for the post office and don’t give a crap about weather we have a job or not and are posting things on here to say we are not needed you’re wrong! not everyone wants or can afford the internet.. of course times are changeing that’s how the world works, we just change with it, however the USPS will ALWAYS BE HERE!

  4. I’m someone must have suggested delivery of bussines mail and medications on Saturday. This will fit well with the part-time bussiness model the Post Office is proposing.

  5. Simply do away with governmental support of private companies welfare. Thus, the millions given to companies in the form of postage discounts. How ludicrious when the USPS coffers are short.

  6. volume is far from down here. Maybe if they hired help instead of running regulars at OT, donating money to Olympics, and other sponserships, giving themselves outragous bonuses. to quit Saturday delivery cuts about 50,000 more jobs. Get the CEO for GM to run finances.

  7. Cancel Saturday delivery! Smartest move postal service could make facing these hard financial times. Keeping Saturday delivery is just delaying the inevitable. Mail volume is dropping more and more and no amount of marketing or brainstorming for new business growth ideas is ever going to bring it back up to where it once was. People just aren’t using the Postal Service like they once were. Internet age!

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