Another Postal Early Out On the Way?

From APWU Oakland Local: On March 19,2010, during a meeting with Management,the Oakland Local was informed that the Postal Service is probably going to offer another “early out.” However, Management stated that they do not
know when or any of the details.

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  1. I like James Smith post and I too, believe that there will be another early out offer, may not come with incentive, but for all of us that want to get out of dodge, we will take the offer, am I right?

  2. I also like the idea submitted by Til, to open up the early retirement offer to all crafts, a blanket offer, doesn’t have to have an incentive with it, so wouldn’t cost the USPS anything. Just make the offer and watch us leave!

  3. Why not offer all those under CSRS an early retirement offer, I’m sure a lot of us would take the offer with or without the incentive as we have the required age and the years in. I feel that most of us would gladly accept an offer.

  4. I don’t understand are so called “leaders”. We all know it isn’t about service anymore . Management is saving their own necks..We are truely top heavy…… They are doing our work…regaurdless of of how hard the slap on the hand…I wish there was a offer in the works….I’m tired of all the crap…it doesn’t matter how many paragraphs I have to recite at the window for the secret will not help because the customers don’t feel the service is their anymore.We are nothing but pushy robot clerks!!!

  5. what about offering an early out incentive as mentioned in above comment to be given to all postal employees at the same time regardless of craft as has been previously done. it should include every craft – clerks, mailhandlers, carriers, maintenance, eas positions – if everyone is offered the same incentive at the same time it would eliminate any discrepancies or discriminations.

  6. if the post office offered another early out as soon as possible with an incentive of adding at least 5 years to employees ages and career time, employees would fly out the door. they wouldnt even have to offer a money incentive since a lot of employees including civil service are just shy of a few years in age or service to meet the 55yrs or 25 yrs svc. the comment about 80% of employees pay to leave is good also. they could also extend the pre existing early out retirement offer that took place oct 31, 2009 to include additional employees that did not choose to take the offer at that time. i have spoken to many, many other employees that would have taken the offer but chose not to at that time, and especially would have taken the early out if the usps had offered the incentive of at least 5 years to their ages and service time. the post office could save a lot of time, money and arguing in the upcoming contract negotiations since many more employees would leave with the above mentioned incentives before negotiations take place in november. the earlier the offer the earlier employees leave service and the earlier the postal service saves money. amen

  7. dont give money give %. 80 % of your pay to leave ill go how about you
    i have 33 years in if you give me 80% of my pay to go well by by by

  8. Elizabeth and Cheryl—I took the October 31 early out and was already eligible to retire. I got the incentive money too, so your information about not being eligible was incorrect. I had 37 years and am 58 years old.

  9. to pau giegle you must be eas because you are walking around with your head stuch up your ass we will get another early out and this year we will see who is right zipple5

  10. Not gonna happen until after contract negotiations. USPS will go after no layoff. If they win against it forget the incentive obviously. If not then probably will happen. 25000 is max without congressional approval but they could reduce early out penalty. They did onnce before and peopel left in droves. I think USPS banking on removing or reducing No layoff and 5 day delivery , which I think will be more difficult than they realize. Congress likes their free mail 6 day acess plus senior citizens , most reliable voters, are big against 5 day. Obama has already come out against

  11. Dear Elizabeth, please be aware that if you and your hubby are eligible to retire, you will not be offerred the early out. I found that out the last go-round. Sorry!

  12. there is no money in usps for any more early outs. we’ve lost close to $9 billion to date so far. the fed will have to print more money to take care of the retired employees and the buyout just given to the clerks. if you watched Mr. Potters presentation on c-span , he made no mention of any more incentives to clerks to leave because they now have to keep the work force at the present compliment. and that’s because the flat machines are now not likely to go on-line at all! the volume of flats ( magazines, catalogues etc. ) is down almost 40% since 2005. the usps wasted billions on machines they are not going to even use possibly. that money should have gone to purchasing electric or hi-bred vehicles. it costs $25 million a day just on gas alone for postal vehicles. the mantenance costs must be astronomical as well! those LLV’s are 20 yrs. old ( most of them) and breaking down constantly. do you think the government will print and loan the usps some $ for new vehicles. they expect all the LLVs to run for 25 yrs., that was their original plan. great management ! i feel sorry for all in the clerk craft who didn’t take that last early out package. there will be no other in the future. the 5 day delivery will take care of all the casuals and part-time carriers out to the unemployment line. the rest of the employees will stay and bear the brunt of all the excess work and road time with no $ raise and no more overtime. it won’t be pretty!

  13. I think that all postal workers including management should put their heads together and try to make it work better. That old addage of check your brains at the door when you come to work needs to be discarded. We can sit and blame each other until the business goes under but that won’t solve the problems.
    I function this way, if I have control over my work environment and my job function, I try to leave it in better condition than when I found it. This type of thinking could solve many functional problems within our organization, I have been in the USPS for 26 years and have been a craft worker and a supervisor. IF it fails, we all bear responsibility and we are all unemployed!

  14. As a postal employee for over 33 yrs- I see the opportunities missed to grow our business. Now the business is sinking fast. The mail processing plant here is closing and most jobs/ employees heading about 100miles away. No good jobs for the senior clerks remaining.. Both my husband and I are Civil Service and planned on retiring within next 2 yrs but if an offer is made in next few months we will retire. We feel sorry for our friends with not enough yrs: age or service to get anything out of their time w/ USPS. It is bad.

  15. I think the Post Office should offer it to everyone so that they could get rid of management!!! We are to top heavy and have been for a long time we need a new way of thinking because the old way isn’t working.. I think if you’re not working (touching) the mail you should be gone!! We don’t need more pencil pushers..JUST LIKE THEY SHOULD DO IN WASHINGTON, THEY SHOULD DO IN THE POSTAL SERVICE..MAKE A CLEAN SWEEP GET RID OF THE OLD WAY OF THINKING.. AND SEE JUST HOW MUCH THINGS WOULD IMPROVE..STARTING WITH THE POSTMASTER GENERAL DOWN.. THEY ARE TRYING TO GIVE OUR BUSINESS AWAY TO UPS, FED EX, ECT.. THEY ARE ALL WAITING FOR US TO DO JUST WHAT THE POSTMASTER GENERAL WANTS TO DO. NO SATURDAY DELIVERY.. I THINK THEY ARE SHOOTING THEIRSELF IN THE FOOT.. JUST A THOUGHT..

  16. It would be nice if the Post Office offered another early out with an incentive. Since the contract wil expire in November of 2010, the Post Office could save money in the long run and show Congress that they are trying to downsize the structure of the organization. It is only common sense but after 30 years in the Post Office that is sadly lacking in higher management..

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