Regional Settlement Reached For Excessed Postal Employees Fired After Failing Driver’s Training

 Omar Gonzalez, APWU Western Coordinator  Attached please find the Area/Regional Settlement. It provides for a one time opportunity to be offered to former clerk/maintenance employees involuntarily reassigned to the carrier craft and forced to take an exam resulting in separation. This is an optional offer. It is recommended that you make contact with the employee to determine interest. If there is interest the employee should be interviewed first so there is no misunderstanding.

On a one time opportunity the APWU Clerk and Maintenance craft employees who were separated in 2009 and 2010 after being excessed into the letter carrier craft for failing to pass required training/testing will be offered a one time basis to:

We further agree that management and union designees at the District/Local level shall meet to work out any logistical considerations in a timely manner. Issues that remain unresolved at that level shall be elevated to the Area/Regional level for adjudication or appeal. The union will provide management with a list of all eligible employees to be proffered this opportunity within 7 work days from the signing of this agreement. Employees thereafter shall be returned to duty at the beginning of the next pay period.

The settlement shall full and final settlement of appeals filed by employees as a result of the excessing and subsequent separations of these employees

16 thoughts on “Regional Settlement Reached For Excessed Postal Employees Fired After Failing Driver’s Training

  1. Before you call the driving test and examiners crooked, you better know what you are talking about and how the program works. Do not blame the examiners if the people fail or intensionally fail the driving course or the driving test.

  2. I’m glad they quit sending the worthless, ungrateful clerks to the carrier craft to get hurt and stay in to answer the phone. Too bad they weren’t laid off like auto workers. Now we can hire more TEs that are happy to work 55 hours and carry one and a half of these gravy routes everyday. At least they realize that most regular career employees don’t know a good thing when they see it.

  3. I feel proud of our Union, especially having leaders like Mr. Omar Gonzalez whose, devotion to provide fair representation is with out a question the best in the Region or perhaps nation wide. My congratulation to our fellow brother and sisters who never gave up their rights and patiently waited for this remarkable settlement award.

  4. If several of managements (USPS) buddies (wink wink) are the ones administering the driving test, I can see such a large failure rate. Absent that the failure rate was simply too large. I took the test in the early 80’s which basically was being taken out on the road and peforming basic driving techniques

  5. Fire them:
    What is happening or has happened is that clerks are passing their tests and but intentionally and purposely being failed by the test people who train them or are in charge of passing and failing them. It is crooked and corrupt. It would be like me training you on the road and then saying that you didn’t pass something, you then in essence failed the test, failed being a carrier. I have heard of it happening directly to other people. With the system, their are flaws in them and when someone who is supposed to be grading and judging fails someone unfairly and intentionally, their are problems. The loophole is that their are trainers out their who will intentionally fail clerks on purpose, say they did not do well enough when in fact they have. The other problem is that the clerk has already passed probation long ago, they are forced against their will to go into another craft because they are lower seniority in their ranking office, why should they be penalized for failing something they try hardest to pass. The should not be fired and should receive extra help to be able to move forward and do the job. Then if it is deemed they are untrainable, had enough chances to pass, the right and ethical thing to do is let them go back to their crafts. That is the most fair thing.

  6. If this isn’t proof that a 75% reduction of managment in this company is needed asap, then nothing will.

  7. Believe me, if someone fails the driving test that the Postal Service currently has, they should not even be driving their own cars. It really takes effort to fail that road test or written test. They are given 3 hours of practice in a parking lot, then 45 minutes of practice on the street with the examiner giving them pointers on what to do and what not to do. It is easier than an open book test. So, before you defend these individuals, be thankful that they arent on the street next to you when you’re driving. Why do you think they were clerks to begin with?? At least they were given the opportunity to continue their employment when their positions were excessed. It’s not the company’s fault they couldnt qualify.

  8. happy on Wed,

    If someone can not pass Driver’s Training or a basic test, they don’t need to be working for our company. You must be a failure as well.

  9. These clerks passed their probation and had no problems. They did not apply to be carriers. How can they be held accountable for something they never applied for or asked to be employed as?

  10. Fire them! ,
    To bad you do not have more heart. I guess things for you worked out and for you to have any empathy would take you getting fired, put in the same situation as the people who have been fired for not passing the carrier/lsm training and or testing. It is too bad that you are as selfish as you seem. Probably arrogant, egotistical, on top of a mountain looking down on other people person too and not mention being also a jerk. The way you sound, I wish you would have been fired too.

  11. Back in the 80’s, you got fired when you could not pass the LSM dexterity. There was no getting your job back. That is what was expected. Have some accountibility.

  12. It is great to see justice prevail. Management was getting rid of clerks in a crooked and corrupt manner, picking and choosing whom they would get rid of and who they wouldn’t. Knowing injured workers were/are a great target, they have gone after them. It is too bad that clerks were/are fired for not passing certain parts of carrier craft job when clerks have done what they can to keep their jobs. Management found a loophole and used it. Somewhat kind of a massacring of getting rid of injured workers, people whom they don’t like, or want to get rid of. Kind of a nazi jew thing, how I look at. Seeing a bit of justice is nice. Knowing how crooked and corrupt the system is too.

  13. A wonderful settlement. This was another example of the Postal Services complete lack of regard for the craft employees and how Postal managers mismanage at every step. Thankfully we have a the Union to help shield the employees from the continued missteps of the Postal managers

  14. When will managers adhere to the rules of the contract that they swore to uphold and end the shameful wasting of postal monies. I would ask that the total money that the USPS pays out each year, mostly for the same contract violations, be published, so that the Congress and the public can see how little accountabiliy there is for poorly trained managers.

  15. All anyone can say is “Thank God for the Union” when you hear of atrocities like this. Just figure…you’re hired by the USPS to do a job, you bid into that job, do that job to the best of your ability, and here comes management who tells you “guess what? you’re excessed due to lower mail volumes”. Of course you know it’s BS when you see senior employees doing out of schedule overtime and an extra 2 hours’ OT each day just to get the mail run that you used to do, but there you are trying to pass a crooked driver’s test to work in the carrier craft which, speaking of lower mail volumes, can’t even support the carriers in that craft. Cannabalization of routes and other stuff has led to a major carrier excess but there the USPS shoving clerks into that craft. buf oh no..there’s nothing wrong with the Postal Service YEAH RIGHT!!

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