Letter Carriers Union Urges House to Pass Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON—The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) union urged Congress today to approve health care reform legislation and send it to the White House for signature by President Obama. The action followed unanimous approval by the union’s 28-member Executive Council of a resolution to endorse the legislation.

NALC President Fredric V. Rolando called on all members of the House of Representatives to support the interests of working families when they vote on the legislation this weekend.

“The time for debate is over. The time for legislative courage is at hand,” Rolando said.

“Lawmakers must not be swayed by the hyperbole and vitriol of many reform opponents who have misled the public about this legislation,” Rolando said. “Over time, this legislation will reduce the deficit, slow health care inflation for nearly 300,000 active and retired letter carriers (whose premiums have doubled over the past 10 years) and strengthen the Postal Service’s finances. We urge every member of the House, in both parties, to stand up for a better health care system for our nation.”

6 thoughts on “Letter Carriers Union Urges House to Pass Health Care Bill

  1. Smart move by our leadership….Please Please can I pay more…..Backroom deals got to love them

  2. Political corruption and our union backed it….SHAME SHAME

    This should have went on a NATIONAL BALLOT, instead of the backdoor deals that were made.

    We thought our economy was bad, just wait until this finally get signed into law.

    The working man and the small business now has even a bigger burdon.

    The average middle class worker will now pay close to $500 per month. That is $1000 per house hold. Yeah, I am sure the average house hold has an extra $1000 per month

  3. I can’t believe a postal union president would support such a disruptive bill. A bill that will bankrupt our country and pile on the taxes on every working American, not to mention the fact that the quality of care and availability of care will be greatly reduced. Shame on you Mr. Rolando.

  4. He just did…Now you, mid/mid-upper, and small business owner will pay a price. You think the economy is bad now, just wait….You will see how bad it can really get.

  5. Nothing in this bill controls the cost of health care. Just another give away to those who wont provide for themselves.

  6. mr. rolando, please do not presume to speak for me. I am a member of the NALC and I do not want the health care bill to pass-it would not help any of us in the working class. With this passage our benefits would decrease, quality of health care would decline- our health care system will become a socialistic health care. Your are spending my dollars in a very foolish way. Please do something useful with my dues-I should not be supporting something I do not believe in our a president(Obama) that I did not vote for or believe in. Please send me my dues back and disenroll me from this fraudulent union that does not stand for what I stand for.

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