Senate Subcommittee To Meet On Proposals for Addressing USPS Current Financial Condition

The U.S. Senate Subcommittee On Appropriations (Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee) has scheduled a hearing today at 2:30 p.m.

Agenda: Proposals for addressing the current financial situation facing the United States Postal Service.

Panel 1:

The Honorable John E. Potter
Postmaster General, CEO
United States Postal Service

Panel 2:

The Honorable Ruth Y. Goldway
Postal Regulatory Commission

The Honorable David C. Williams
Inspector General
United States Postal Service
Office of Inspector General

Phillip Herr
Physical Infrastructure Issues
U.S. Government Accountability Office

6 thoughts on “Senate Subcommittee To Meet On Proposals for Addressing USPS Current Financial Condition

  1. Problem is: the higher ups are concerned with one thing, and one thing only-their own pockets. Don’t touch the possibilities of them going without or not having a job anymore, everything they do revolves around that! So of course they aren’t going to listen to reason, or the hard working people that keep them in business. We’re expendable, as long as they get their bonuses.
    We do NOT need GPS, supervisors telling us how long our routes take, supervisors driving around all day checking on us, telling us not to talk, get back in your case, etc. Let us do our jobs, stop mico-managing us, treat us like adults, and get rid of the high payed people you’re keeping on salary to be the cock-roaches in our day!

  2. I have said this before; cut senior management staffing (currently around 23%)
    in half and we will have more than enough money to deliver 7 days a week –
    also, promote postal savings banks within US post offices – more business
    and more foot traffic – peace!

  3. With Civil Service employees needing less than four years to retire, it would be good to offer incentives for earlier retirement. A descent offer would shed many of these top paid employes whom are tired of watching the Postal Service go down the toilet.

  4. now is the time to grab all the work we can get by going after the home deliveries of ups,fed-ex and other delivery outfits. they keep saying the mail volume is down. the business that are open six days a week have to wait till monday for Pick ups . the post office should get flat rate large envelope for delivery packets for firm who mail out payroll and other prioty envelopes with a free pick up .parcels are going to be the new business for us since everyone is using the internet. I see ups at docks for hours at a time picking up and dropping off. the p.o. just gets the first class and small parcels. why do we have all the two ton trucks and using the truck for collections? lets be more aggressive in our marketing and listen to the craft people.

  5. The USPS should offer another VERA for Civil Service employees providing them with 5 years service and half a years pay with no penalties. The Service will succeed in over 30,000 employees leaving saving billions of dollars in the future…

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