Letter: A Postal Retiree’s Plan To Save Six Day Mail Service

The Postmaster General won the public relations battle on March 2 in regard to five day delivery when he announced proposed changes to the postal service over the coming decade, changes that appeared as the main story on all major news networks that evening.

He continues to enjoy the advantage of a well planned orchestrated media campaign.

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Reprinting outdated articles from the national media on the APWU’s web site is simply not enough, I propose the following:

The next congressional break is March 25 through April 11.

Monday April 5: Make calls, send e-mails, write letters and send faxes to congressional offices to support six day delivery.

Tuesday April 6: APWU Members take senior citizens, parents to congressional offices to stress need for six day delivery as it pertains to needed prescriptions, government checks and medical supplies.

Wednesday April 7: Veterans visit congressional offices to stress the importance of six day delivery necessary to receive much needed medications mailed from the VA, medical supplies, correspondence as it relates to years of service and other related matters and that all important retirement and disability check.

Thursday April 8: Locals hold informational rallies at congressional field offices to support six day delivery.

Friday April 9: National, State and Locals rally in Washington D.C to preserve six day delivery and visit congressional offices.

” Postal Pete ”
Pete Countryman
Elizabethown, Kentucky 42701
USPS Retired 30 years of Service
Proud APWU Member of 30 years

Reply to Postal Pete from the national APWU Communication Department

Thank you for your recent e-mail. I appreciate your concern about promoting the union’s message regarding USPS proposals to reduce mail delivery to five days per week and to implement other major changes to the nation’s mail system.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the mainstream media often is simply not interested in the union’s views. Even when the media expresses interest, it frequently treats our views in a perfunctory manner, if at all.

Please rest assured that the national union is making a concerted effort to tell our side of the story.

On March 2 and in the days immediately following the USPS announcement, APWU President William Burrus was interviewed by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

We also provided statements and background to other mjor news outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, CNN Radio, the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.
In addition, we were interviewed by lesser-known news outlets that focus on government, such as the Federal Times, Government Executive, Federal Employee News Digest, the Bureau of National Affairs, as well as numerous local general-interest newspapers.

Ironically, the editorial writer for the Washington Post conducted a second, lengthy interview with President Burrus before writing an anti-labor editorial that excluded any mention of the union’s concerns. The response we submitted was not published.

In addition to our “public relations” efforts, we will continue to wage our fight in the political arena. The APWU Legislative and Political Department has encouraged union members to contact their U.S. representatives in support of House Resolution 173, which urges the Postal Service to continue six-day delivery. (See www.apwu.org/news/webart/2010/10-019-h_res_173-100308.htm) Our legislative efforts will continue and will evolve as the battle develops.

We also have posted “talking points” for use by locals in support of their efforts to oppose five-day delivery and other cutbacks. (They are posted in the Members Only section of www.apwu.org. Our records indicate you are no longer a union member, so unfortunately you will not be able to view them there.)

I commend you for your continued commitment to postal workers, and encourage you to participate in efforts by your local to win support from legislators in your area.

Sally Davidow
American Postal Workers Union Communications Department

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