Letter carriers union opposes cutback in mail service; urges Congress to give USPS ‘financial breathing room’

ORLANDO, FL—The president of the 300,000-member National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) today opposed the proposal by Postmaster General John E. Potter to eliminate Saturday delivery to American homes and businesses, and urged Congress instead to take steps that would provide “financial breathing room” while a better plan can be developed.

NALC President Fredric V. Rolando, in this city for the mid-winter meeting of the AFL-CIO Executive Council, said such a drastic move is both unnecessary and counter-productive and that other steps should be taken to bolster the Postal Service’s financial situation while all stakeholders examine viable long-term changes that will assure continued universal service throughout the country.

“I do not believe that weakening our commitment of six-day service to the public will enhance the long-term position of the Postal Service as a critical element in our nation’s economic infrastructure,” Rolando said. “In view of the January report released by the postal Inspector General that showed that the USPS was overcharged by $75 billion for postal pension costs, Congress instead should take immediate steps to correct the error.”

“If Congress takes such action, the Postal Service will have the financial breathing room needed to develop a more successful plan,” Rolando added. “The NALC stands ready to join in discussions with other principal stakeholders to develop a comprehensive strategy for the long-term viability of the Postal Service and continued high-quality service to the American people.”

12 thoughts on “Letter carriers union opposes cutback in mail service; urges Congress to give USPS ‘financial breathing room’

  1. Rob, they are already telling their customers to pay electronically. These companies pay full price, they just have their mail done at pre-sort centers that get cheaper rates. Get your head out! Learn something. We gave these presort centers contracts to bar code mail to help automation. We do not need their help anymore.

  2. Postage meters, glad you are not the one who decides. Raise rates and companies may decide to use alterate form of communication. (VIA fax or email)

    Giving better service to the customer is the answer and stop milking your route out. You are not the milk man, but your job might be gone in the next 4 years or if you have less than 5yrs..BYE BYE

  3. We need to have all mail from companies that use postage meters pay the full 44 cents. Why give these guys a break when we have the capacity to bar code our own mail? The extra 10 cents per letter will add up a long way.

    I encourage all to stress this to the higher ups including your Union Presidents ASAP!

  4. There have been plenty of concessions. The tiered pay system, cola not rolled into the last contract, insurance percentage goes up unless yuo buy union insurance, the way route changes are done now, ect. it goes on and on. I have 5 years left unless they want to buy me out right now. 5 day delivery is going to be a fact withing a year or so, our next contract will find us working for less money and paying mor for insurance. Just get used to it. It is not entirely the fault of the union, it is economic reality.

  5. And in regards to the union…it is direly needed. End of story. Sure, it’s full of human beings, so the chance is there that mistakes or selfishness *can* happen, but bless the guys who DO stand up, who DO put in the time to help. None of us, even the colicky types who claim to hate the NALC, would be here to complain without them.

  6. I have less than six years, although I HAVE been in long enough (and worked in enough other fields) to see that this enterprise is doomed if it can’t find innovative leadership and a workforce that looks beyond its own wants or expectations.
    So yeah, it’s been nice working with you, guys.

  7. 5 Day Delivery!!! Yes !! now all that precious seniority built up by the fat ,lazy senior carriers have ZERO advantage !! I was told “you will never see a saturday off again junior carrier” Guess the tide is a turnin’ ! KARMA is a BITCH!!

  8. 18% less employees, 18% less unions dues, 18% less officers, no trips to Hawaii in the future of Convention anymore. Wait, they will just raise my dues again…Never-mind

  9. In my estimation, the city carrier unit I work in is around 60-70% Populist Republican- folks who get their marching orders from the likes of G. Beck and R. Limbaugh. Given that the fate of the Postal Service is so largely dependent on politicians, and given that the brain-washed public is likely to move this country further back to the Right; the Unions will not be able to hold back the tide for much longer. How quickly the Reagan/Bush era mistakes have been forgotten! The fascist dictator B. Mussolini rose to power on the campaign slogan- “God, Country, Family”.. Sound familiar?

  10. ditto mack- been w/ the NALC for 26 years-hate to think what this would be like wo. this union-the members who complain r the ones who do not get involved and know very little of what the NALC does for them-quit this job and get hired at wal-mart- I hear they have a strong union!!!!!!!

  11. Get a clue KC, without the unions we would not even have a job today. After 25 years in the usps and NALC I can’t remember any “connesions” can you? We need the NALC today more than ever as our voice, if we don’t it’s all over.

  12. I bet one way the union will come up with is, concessions! Union thinking “better to hurt the pocketbooks of the dues paying members than that of the Union. Long term viability of the PO is to reduce to 5 day delivery, except for premium products, and curbside/cluster delivery for all residential routes. We need to charge big mailers proper rates and stop having the general public subsidize big mailers mailings.

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