USPS Statement for Response to Media Inquiries Only Regarding the National Reassessment Process

The non-tax supported U.S. Postal Service views the safety and well being of its employees as its top priority. In situations where employees have been injured on the job, we make every attempt to provide necessary work that meets their physical limitations until they are able to return to their regular work assignment.

These jobs are referred to as limited duty or rehabilitative duty assignments and often involve sorting mail by hand.

Two issues have virtually eliminated these positions — advancements in mail sorting technology and the dramatic decline in mail volume as a result of the downturn in the economy. Mail volume peaked nationwide in 2006 with 212 billion pieces as contrasted with 175 billion pieces in 2009.

The National Reassessment Process (NRP), launched nationwide by the Postal Service in October of 2006, reviews assignments of injured ON THE JOB workers to ensure they are performing duties that fit the operational needs of the U.S. Postal Service. If necessary work is unavailable, employees are advised of their right to file for compensation with the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) under the U.S. Department of Labor.

Employees who obtain injury compensation benefits from the OWCP may participate in the OWCP Vocational Rehabilitation program for placement in a new job with other federal agencies or private sector employment.

If NRP affected employees obtain a new non-postal job paying less than what they made at the Postal Service, they receive the difference through the Department of Labor which forwards the cost to the Postal Service.

The decision to pay employee compensation or to participate in the Vocational Rehabilitation program rests with the OWCP.

The U.S. Postal Service has worked closely with the OWCP and the U.S. Department of Labor in administering the NRP.

The NRP matter remains in continuing litigation. To ensure the integrity of that legal process, and in keeping with its employee personnel rules and privacy statutes, the U.S. Postal Service cannot comment on any specific NRP situation or NRP-affected employee.

source: U.S. Postal Service via KCNC TV Denver

15 thoughts on “USPS Statement for Response to Media Inquiries Only Regarding the National Reassessment Process

  1. What is the status of an employee such as myself regarding the NRP Class Action Lawsuit: In 2006 I claimed an occupational disease injury. It has been denied and appealed several times and currently I am awaiting a decision from ECAB. Since my claim has not as yet been decided with finality, I was given light duty work for two yrs. and then told it was no longer available. I was forced to take a disability retirement in order to establish an income. While at work, I apparently never “achieved” limited duty status because my case was still being adjudicated; this didn’t stop my managers from showing me the door. Do I qualify to be included in the class action lawsuit? I do not have the funds to retain an attorney ( I have already paid one who lost an appeal). This has been a horribly frustrating, depressing, and disillusioning experience.

  2. tom, you’re an idiot until you walk in our shoes you have no clue it’s called survival for some people they still have families to feed a car and a home to pay for,, you tell your kids they have to wait to eat, when owcp pays, did you know that they are not paying and if they do it’s taking at least 6 weeks. by then the kids will starve to death! they will repo the car not to mention what you have to go through with your mortgage company and thats just a start of what is about to happen to your life. so why don’t you stop judging injured co-workers and look at the big picture JERK!! sure there is always people who lie but don’t put everyone in that catagory. As a matter of fact I hope you get hurt @ work so they walk you out and then you have to figure out how you’re going to live, feed the kids, worry if their going to come and repo your car that you have been making payments on and never been late and put alot of money into and now you’re gonna lose. then you have to call your mortgage company to explain what happened to your job and how unfair it was because you were hurt at work, and now you have no income to pay for your house. Do you see what I’m getting at Tom, it only takes a split second to get injured, so stop talking crap! you’re making a fool of yourself.

  3. Are they also skipping over who they want to be (or not) be re-assesed under the NRP at your post office across the country? this is bullshit! how is this fair? they don’t make management or their butt kisser snitches go through the NRP.. And for all of our fellow co-workers who talk shit you got some nerve, you don’t say it to our face, but you say it behind our backs like the cowards that you are! I can’t wait for the day that your punk ass gets hurt, and may you be in alot of pain!! and everybody talk shit about you! and don’t even bother calling one of us to ask for help!! you’re on your own, and I hope they walk you out too, oh yeah they will… so you can see how unfair it really is… so until the shoe is on the other foot, shut the hell up! it only takes a second to get hurt..

  4. mick sorry i haven’t been back to this site for awhile john mosby is out of denver, co 303-623-1355 not sure if he only does local or national.. good luck!

  5. I am a injured employee who has gone through NRP. It has been nothing but lies, harassment and bullying by management and the NRP. My fate with the Postal Service is up in the air.

  6. article today in presss enterprise re bailout for post office thats exactly what potter is using the nrp for in 4 or 5 years when the p. o. loses the class action lawsuit potter and his cronies will take their golden parachute lawyers will get rich the p. o. will be shambles and injured workers will be living in pottersville

  7. Funny how a lot of these injured employees went back to full duty when they found out they were scheduled for an interview. Makes you wonder how many more are fakes, cheats and liars!

  8. Well, according to my steward noone likes rehabs: management, other workers, and the union. This is BS, in Phoenix there is overtime everyday in the manual sorting area on both Tour III and Tour I. Most of our Injury Comp. people were injured on the job and then placed in that position. I take people on a case by case basis, and yes I do believe there are people who are milking the system, but as usual that gives a bad name to all injured workers. I know injured and non-injured employees who find somewhere to hide for a few hours to take a nap and return all bleery eyed and you know they just woke up. Management targets certain injured workers and leaves others completely alone, where is the justice in that. Wait till you’re injured at work and see how your perspective changes.

  9. Why are they allowing the light duty employees( non-job related injuries)to keep on working? we were told because they are covered under the DISABILITY ACT What the HELL DO THEY THINK OUR INJURIES SHOULD BE COVERED UNDER? And Why are they Telling OUR VETS THAT THEY HAVE NO WORK FOR THEM THIS IS BULLSHIT.. Get rid of the liars and cheaters they are the ones who make the real injured workers look bad!!! Everybody knows that there are so many that went into MANAGEMENT because they too were injured…Why are they not going through the NRP???? and what about the craft employees who are always on details that are also injured employees that are working in ICCO and in H.R. looking at our medical records??? If you have been walked out there is a Lawyer you can contact his name is (John Mosby) he wants to hear from those that are going the NRP.

  10. Greedy employees stab the IOD’s in the back because they want the overtime and could care less that they are stealing hours from another full time regular. So you dirty rats who ratted on me yesterday, what goes around comes around. The NRP Prossess is getting blindsided by the court so they are scrambling to find a new way to get around the law. They should all go to prison.

  11. They are not following contractual rules ,its a witch hunt.Giving assured jobs to people who were MMi within a year that was injured in the year 2000,by now were all MMI so ridiculous, and they have less senority than you, stopping you from working to sit in a room to be paid for nothing to make this farce look real.Giving you a job out of your restrictions ,in an over populated work area with bid people so they can sit you in a room.Teabag you nothing of whats happening .

  12. its about time they got rid of these chitbags,there are thousands of themn all over the country that need to be chit canned

  13. I am hiring new vice presidents at $200, 000 per year. I need to find something to do for them. More overhead management beats a craft employee who is injured on the job. I don’t care if we lost every case so far and must pay millions in back wages….it ain’t my money LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I get hurt because of faulty equipment and now you throw this NRP bullshit at me.The NRP team couldn’t even look me in the eye.Fucking bums from the get go.In the end you dopes will pay.

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