Ashford University Enters Into National Alliance Agreement With Postal Service

CLINTON, IOWA (February 24, 2010) – Ashford University has entered into a national alliance agreement with the U.S. Postal Service.

Through the agreement, Ashford University, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, is a recognized higher educational partner. The Postal Service’s 623,000 employees will receive significant cost savings through the waiver of application, technology and Prior Learning Assessment fees.

“Ashford University is proud to be one of a dozen of the Postal Service’s carefully selected education partners. We look forward to offering its employees the opportunity to enroll in Ashford’s excellent academic programs and take their education to the next level,” said Dr. Jane McAuliffe, president and CEO of Ashford University. “The Postal Service is the nation’s second largest employer, and we are excited to welcome its diverse and talented employees into our student body.”

“The Postal Service is pleased to be part of this innovative partnership with Ashford University” said Susan LaChance, vice president, Employee Development and Diversity for the USPS. “The Postal Service has a long tradition of developing employees and valuing education. This partnership will allow our employees to leverage their years of work experience along with formal education to earn a degree – this benefits both the employee and the Postal Service.”

For more information on this agreement, please visit or call 888.214.9881.