PMG To Host Conference On USPS Future And To Announce New Business Model

Action Plan for the Future of the U.S. Postal Service
Postmaster General John E. Potter to give briefing

What: Postmaster General John E. (Jack) Potter is hosting a conference to address the future of the U.S. Postal Service and to announce new business model

Who: John E. Potter, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer
Louis J. Giuliano, Chairman, Board of Governors, U.S. Postal Service
Meldon J. Wolfgang, Partner/Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
Thomas Dohrmann, Principal, McKinsey & Company

When: Tuesday, March 2
9 a.m. – 12 noon

Welcoming Remarks Chairman Giuliano
Introductory Remarks PMG Potter
Projecting U.S. Mail Volumes to 2020 Mr. Wolfgang
Options for a Changing Environment Mr. Dohrmann
Keynote Presentation PMG Potter

Panel Discussion with Potter, Giuliano, Thurgood Marshall, Jr., Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Patrick R. Donahoe, Deputy Postmaster General and COO and Robert F. Bernstock, President, Mailing and Shipping Services

Where: National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Conference Center
429 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Washington DC 20024-2111

Background: The Postal Service is facing serious and substantial challenges: declining mail volume, increased use of the Internet for bill payment and presentment, a lingering recession and legislative constraints on how and when we can close Post Offices or what types of products we can sell at retail.

After four months of intense research and discussion, the Postal Service will announce an action plan to address these concerns, as well as a number of steps necessary to close a substantial gap by the year 2020.

The Postal Service has decided on a future path that calls for greater business model flexibility and changes to the way it does business.

30 thoughts on “PMG To Host Conference On USPS Future And To Announce New Business Model

  1. First lets get rid of some of the non-productive,non-producing people in the post office,,,Try Management first, now theres some real leaches of society.

  2. Those who fail to learn from history are likey to repeat the mistakes of the past , and thus is the case with the Postal Service. The unions are running us into the ground as if the lessons from General Motors and Chrysler didn’t happen. Case in point. Can you imagine walking into Walmart and asking someone in home and gardens for help in toys, and there response is, I am retricted from working in toys because of my union contract. I only work in gardens. Walmart would go belly up in six months. But that’s what we do. Fighting for turf is going to have us end up with not enough fas a blade of grass to chew on. If we could effectively cross crafts we would maximize our workforce and eliminate unnessesary duplicates of personal. In addition, is it really necessesary to have a post office every 4 miles. That’s ludicrious. I know of areas where there are 5 post offices in a 12 mile radius. That’s 5 Postmasters serving an area that could easily be supervised by one. Using sick leave 2 times higher than the private sector is laughable. A well run private company would immediately make every city route in america evaluated, similar to rural carriers. Carriers would have incentive to be more productive, management would get of their cases, and moral would increase. If you evaluated city routes, you could elimated most supervisor positions, because other than the counts, one manager could easily supervise.
    Five day delivery is inevitable so deal with it. It won’t happen this year because we are in an election year, but the delays are costly. If every carrier had a saturday-sunday off weekly, morale would increase.

  3. Tonight Feb 26 2010 @ 10 pm MST on KCNC News4colorado.. They are going to have something about the NRP on the news.. Check it out !!!

  4. Insider,Just wondering are you Bill O’rileys boy and if you got in to his kool-aid??? Anyway the problem is MANAGEMENT way to much of them, and how they allow them to BULLY the employees everyone with any sence knows this has been going on for YEARS.. and it ends up costing the Post Office so much money in EEO’s, Greivencs, back pay and what do they do with those managers move them somewhere else and make them a plant manager or a postmaster of another town in a different State…..

  5. The postal service’s woes are not due to six day delivery, not due to the internet, not due to the economy, and are not due to the health care retiree fund. The reason the Postal Service is on the brink of extinction is that it is the worst run organization in either the private or public sector, and that includes the VA. Promotions from within the work force are not based on ability and leadership, but based on the fact the individual in question cannot do their craft job. From the floor supervisor to the top ranks in Washington, the Postal Service is plagued with inept people with no leadership ability or people skills. To make the situation even worse, the promotion boards are made up of idiots with the same mind set. If a good leader gets promoted, he lasts less than one year.

    How many billions of dollars has been wasted on pathetic leadership decisions? How many billions of dollars has been wasted on the fact that management is so ignorant, they fork out multi million dollars settlement after multi million dollar settlement to the union, to labor board charges, and from EEO complaints.

    Until the whole infastructure is replaced with people who know how to make a profit, nothing will change. These people could not run a local McDonalds

  6. INSIDER ,Your a Moron! Explains the reason your in Management!! Couldnt handle the Craft side!! anyway , 2 weeks Vacation & no sick leave??? Your out of your F**Kin Mind!! Being outside in 33 degree weather getting pissed/or snowed on all day and , no one is supposed to ever get sick or hurt!! F**K YOU!! U piece of Rhino Dung! its people like you that ruin this country, preaching sacrafice and all that other crap! I hope you Rot in HELL!

  7. Sach hits it perfectly.Talk about craft with little Education making big bucks,come on.Management doesn’t even need any type of degree to do what they do.You have level 18 making 90+ a year,and that counts toward their high 3.Give me a break.The only way to save the PO is for congress to step in and cut ALL management positions by 30%,put every manager on salary(no getting paid for every hour you’re on the clock anymore),hire more craft to do the work not being done now,and put Customer Service first again.Let the peolple doing the job have a say in how it gets done.IMO DPS was/is the worst thing that ever happened to the PO.

  8. Insider…
    Are you out of your mind ? Clearly you are a Moron ! I was on both sides as well, went through and passed (with ease) ASP stayed in management two years, and finally got out and went back to Carrying ( real work ) when I realized the upper management was utterly incompitent and has exemplified same 20 fold since then.While we bleed these scumbag criminals collect hefty bonuses, buy real estate @ inflated prices, then sell for half, push anti-customer programs and alienate its workforce.I have personaly witnessed filth and trash working in management, not to say craft does not have theirs, but management far exceeds the percentage. Most Postal management today could not manage a Burger King, because they would not have their Puppet masters pulling their strings.
    You and Idiots like you make ME sick. YOU sir / mam are a Cunt…

  9. The USPS is really not in a bad position as far as finances. If we didn’t have to pay $5 billion in future retiree health benefits, we would be financially ok. If we would not have to pay the CSRS retirement payments since that account if overfunded by $75 billion, we would be financially great!! The problem is the Federal Government uses the USPS as a cash cow. That is the real story. If you really wanted to save $$$, get rid of most of your little post offices. Be reasonable on where you locate substations. You don’t need 38,000 post offices. I know the number is less than that. The USPS is really doing fine if it were not for excessive post offices and excessive payments to the Federal Government. I am sure we could stand to lose some management and some postal employees who don’t know how to work. Overall the company is sound if it wasn’t being skimmed $$$ from the top. It really has nothing to do with management and workers. That is the real story.

  10. We got grade school gym teachers in MN. making 65,000 a year for 8 months work. Teachers can go on strike and always get a sweet contract. Teachers summers off weekends off evenings offplus several other days off . Whats a degree in Home ec, Phy Ed. Music, Art, History, Psych. ect WORTH OUTSIDE THE PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM not much


  12. Here’s a way to fix things….it’s time for a time standard for clerks. For those who don’t know what the term “slug” means, it is what we call a postal worker who does only the absolute least that they are required to do to still keep their jobs. For a clerk, that means they only have to stay wherever they are in the building and not walk away from their job and they can not be disciplined. Doesn’t matter how slow they work. That is because there is no standard of work for clerks.
    Carriers have an 18 letters and 8 flats per minute requirement. It is a slow as Christmas requirement but if the any carrier decides to not do at least that speed he/she can be disciplined up to removal. NOT SO FOR CLERKS. This is stupid. Fix this.

  13. a smileing mailhandler one that really works something others should think about doing ! before its to late people we really do have it made wake the f —- u p before we are working for the non union fedex cant we all get along ! its time to wake up before its to late im sick of blameing our bosses we need to look at the no show workers in our crafts ! have a great day

  14. POstalmom. are you insane we havent enough clerks to do the break down and ones we have are lazy and are glad to let management do their work . Carriers have been doing the work for the clerks for years in our unit, what do they do while we are on the street. we seperate mail nightly and do other jobs that they dont want to do.if it wasnt for the carriers the mail would sit on the dock. the bosses take the path of least resistance. the carriers

  15. I see the only saviour for the Post office as self managment. the the slug will show them selves when the work isnt getting done. there is a responsabilty that we are all under and the one that cant keep up should be escorted out the half the managers and 204 will be forced back to their craft.which means they will be heading for the door. and have leadmen or working supervisors. the unions are threatened by this , But something must be done. If only someone on the postal commision or in congress would read this and try to see the good it would do. Hymn 43

  16. Just because you touch the mail you are worth 50 thousand plus a year?
    Give me a break……..I have been on both sides and unless you can say that you don’t have a clue.
    There are bargaining employees that wouldn’t breath unless they had to.
    By the same token there are those in managemennt that do not have a clue!
    Cut wages 15% across the board and drop matching TSP contributions.
    Give 2 weeks vacation and nix the sick leave………if you are worth your salt you will sacrifice to keep your job now and hope for a brighter future.
    If you have a screw you mentality then you get what you deserve……..option to be excessed 500 miles away or laid off.
    The Union and the greed of all its members is sinking our company .
    All the Obamamites that want money for nothing!
    You really make me sick…………..get your head out of the clouds and work for the common good of everyone.
    And if you think top brass is going to leave without taking some bargaining employees with them then you are drinking some strong kool-aid.

  17. I think potter should make way for another 1000 vice presidents of doing nothing so it will look like the post office is actually growing in size.when in reality, all it will be doing is putting on another layer of fat.

  18. First thing, all USPS employees should Thank God for their jobs. The majority of the craft employees do not have a formal education yet they make more than the average scool teacher and close to what a college professor makes. The vacation time and sick leave time are the best in any industry. The retirement system bets the hell out of social security. Keep bitching and see what happens when congres takes over the USPS and makes it a welfare work system.

  19. I hope he has the idea to adjust routes 3 or 4 times a year. That will save mucho bucks. Here’s how it works:

    Adjust the routes requiring extra labor and overtime to do the following:
    put new labels on the cases, have the clerks learn a new scheme, have bypass mail and coverages distributed to the wrong routes and/or be out of sequence due to said adjustments, have carriers handle the same mail several times handing it off to the new route it has been assigned to, do route inspections which cost a ton to do both before and after adjustments, have carriers learn new names and adversly affect service while they are learning them, pay people to study maps and design new maps, have consultations with every carrier prior to adjustments taking effect despite the fact that the adjustment has already been decided upon, and won’t be changed, pay people from ams to come out and interview every carrier and prepare the edit sheets for new route labels, hold in station bidding on the new routes, piss everyone off because we need to make changes to pretend we are a business and “doing something” ect.

    Now, once the carriers get familiar with their new assignments and get proficient at them; AND the bulk mailers get their mail finally showing up to the correct routes and in delivery sequence after several months of it being mis-directed, let’s do it all over again so that we can “save money”.

    Let’s try this and see just how much money we can “save”.

  20. let me get this straight postalmuther, the people that do the actual physical labor are “slugs” but the people that kiss ass, push pencils, and polish chairs are “tired” of our whining? well get ready for the real world bitch, because your next on Harry Potters fuck you over list.

  21. ” postalmom on Tue, 23rd “..

    “The unions won’t let management touch the mail…………. How many clerks cry when management does clerk work….get over it”…How many cry???? Not enough…stupid quit doing craft work…you could NOT handle it when you were in the “working” craft and you cant handle it now!!!! We should do like ups and “retire”
    15,000 managers and consolidate area offices!!!

  22. I get so tired of reading how anyone that doesn’t touch the mail should be fired or doesn’t deserve a job. The unions won’t let management touch the mail…………. How many clerks cry when management does clerk work….get over it…………

  23. Second thing you need to do is to get rid of anyone under CSRS. You still didn’t get as many as you wanted to take the $15,000.00 buyout. Maybe you should either take the 2% penalty off or offer them the years of service needed for them to retire.

  24. First thing you need to do is cut the saleries of the management by 10% – 15%. Since they don’t touch the mail, (and that includes you down) they are expendable.

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