Illinois Letter Carrier Celebrating 50 Years of Delivering Mail

Glenview, IL, Letter Carrier Joe Kraus is celebrating 50 years of delivering the mail. Nothing has slowed him down.

He’s a rarity. Most people change jobs many times. But for Kraus, delivering the mail in his hometown was an excellent fit. “My parents bought a new house in 1940 when I was a boy,” he says. “I grew up on the west side of town back when there was a lot of open space.”

The letter carrier has enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with the public. “I like being with people,” says Kraus. “This job gives me a chance to help others every day.”

Kraus has become so well-known on his route, people offer him tea or coffee when it’s cold outside and water and lemonade when it’s hot. “I’ve been lucky,” he says. “I’ve had no major injuries and everyone has been very good to me.”

When asked if he plans to retire soon, Kraus says “I could have left a while ago. But I thought I would stay on for the work, my co-workers and the customers.”

After a celebratory cake and good wishes marking his anniversary, a co-worker asked, “What’s your secret?”

“I just keep going,” said Kraus.

source: USPS

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