NYC Mail Handlers Local Withdraws From USPS, OSHA Ergonomic Program

“The Ergonomic Risk Reduction Process (ERRP) reduces both the number and severity of musculoskeletal disorders, builds labor/management teams with ergonomic skills, and cultivates partnerships to identify and control ergonomic risk. These partnerships include OSHA, NPMHU, and APWU. Since its inception in 2003, 176 plants and 9 districts have implemented ERRP, with over 155,000 employees receiving training. ERRP sites that have been involved in the process for at least 12 months experienced a 21.9 percent reduction in musculoskeletal disorders this year.”–source: USPS

Branch President -New York City
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January 2010

Local 300 withdraws from EERPS

Management has attempted to limit this Union’s involvement with the EERPs program. Management wants to take the Mail Handler chosen by the Union to be on this committee, and replace them with the team, handpicked by management.

This is a blatant underhanded way to limit this Union’s participation in the process.

The EERP (Ergonomic Risk Reduction Process) was begun in 2003 as a result of OSHA, APWU, NPMHU and the Postal Service coming together to reduce (MSDS) musculoskeletal disorders, and help identify potential hazards and ergonomic health risks.

This Union has consistently fought for a safe work place, and will continue to hold Postal management accountable for providing a safe work environment.

We will continue to address safety and health issues through the Local Safety & Health Committee, the Grievance process and outside agencies.

An Injury To One Is An Injury To All

Letter to USPS Management:

?Mr. Sun,
This is to inform you that Local 300 Mail Handlers Union will not be participating in the Morgan P&DC EERPS Restart.

You claim that there is an agreed upon structure, “one union steward chosen by the Union and two craft mail handlers chosen by management”.

Local 300 NEVER agreed to this structure. I have no idea where you have gotten this blatant anti-UNION direction. Apparently, you have not been in contact with the prior EERPS management team leader Jim Koehler, to get a clear understanding of the EERPS) process and goals. ‘
This Union has always named the Mail Handler EERP committee members. Management has never named the committee members for the Mail Handler craft.

Only Local 300 can choose who will represent our craft on any committee. This is an Unfair Labor Practice, and we will be filing NLRB charges to address this issue.

If any Mail Handler is named to this committee, they have no authority or representative rights to speak for our craft. They will be an empty seat, voicing management’s concerns, not the Mail Handler craft’s.

Local 300 has consistently fought for a safe work environment, and has worked well with management and the previous committee to resolve issues.

Apparently, management’s approach is now to minimize the Union’s input into the efforts for a safe work environment, and water down any significant improvements.

In light of that fact, Local 300 will continue to address safety and health issues through the proper committees, the grievance process and all outside agencies.

Willie Delgado
NYC Branch President
Local 300-NPMHU

14 thoughts on “NYC Mail Handlers Local Withdraws From USPS, OSHA Ergonomic Program

  1. when ever management comes up with a program its for their benefit,take QwL for example .errps is just another QWL. They get the union to go along then when things dont go their way they come up with the blueroom they should have called it the rubber room because those union members are getting SCREWED!!

  2. earp does that mean we dont have to work or does that mean we dont have to be responsable for our own actions.

  3. There is one of these “specialist” on detail for the last 3 or 4 years getting higher level and doing NOTHING! What a cushy gig, hide in a locked office, publish a newsletter once a month and earn 60,000 a year!

    Where do I sign up?

    Phil McCrackin

  4. GO Brother GO! Its about time a union official took affirmative action against management. What makes them think they can abuse their authority and misuse a union represented employee? I am a 19yr APWU member and I need you to channel some of that hutspa to Dallas. I stand with you against official oppressors. GO Brother GO!

  5. Management does try to “curve”around MANY safety/health concerns, especially where we work in the NY L&DC. Anytime a 1767 is filed, they come running arms raised, but do they ever settle or correct the said problem? Maybe for a short period but then it goes back to the same crap. Good for you Mr. Delgado for taking a stand, management needs to be put in their place, this is just one of the “MANY” areas where they over step there bounds.

    Ian Regan
    Shop Steward
    NY L&DC

  6. I am a MailHandler on Tour 3 at Morgan and have been working here for 27 years without a write up. I am a Union member for 30. I support you and support getting out of ERRP….. Management is NOT on our side we should not be working with them!

  7. It’s about the employees well being but Willie Delgado
    has turned it into a political game. You see,the reason Willie Delgado
    wanted to have the union members in the commision is to create pressure on management if the mail handler union doesn’t get what they want. Consider this scenario:
    Willie Delgado wants to reduce the penalty for his member from termination to 7 days suspension,the USPS barks.Willie Delgado tells his members in the ERRP commission to write up everything so the OSHA will come down to investigate.
    Secondly,Willie Delgado would send his stewards to be on the commission,these stewards never worked on the floor and clueless about how to improve ERRP.

  8. Great!!
    If you don’t stop the nonsense as soon as you see it, it becomes something that keeps on going because they think we’re sleeping.
    The entire ERRP process has come to a standstill at most places, (including my facility in Queens)..
    If we can’t be in a process that we can show a strong force and enforce procedures to help our members, then discard it. If management feels cocky enough to want to tell us who we should have representing us, then we have no choice but to close ranks and tell them where to get off.
    As my Dad likes to say… We a run dem…dem no run we.

    Congrats on sending the right, strong message Willie.

    Trevor Stuart
    Branch President/Flushing

  9. Once again Local 300 leads the way!
    Hopefully other locals will follow as well as the other unions who are involved in EERPS

  10. Way to go Willie…

    On behalf of my Mail handlers that I am proud to represent at the Staten Island post office, we all support you. Our president..Paul and Vice President…Bobby, are proud to have you as part of our team.

    Vincent Sapone
    Chief Steward for Local-300
    S.I.G.P.O. 10314

  11. Well said Brother Delgado!!!! It is long overdue for the Union the withdraw from this sham process! At the NJI-BMC the ERRP Program has been abandoned by management. With injured workers in the “Blue Room” being threatened with outsourced this program only added insult to injury.

  12. this unholy alliance with management should never have been agreed to in the first wanted to enter into this,because osha was coming down on them at various avoid further avoid accountability,the usps got osha in bed with them to negate further responsibility.
    i have been in the po for over 30 years and management only gives lip service to reality .they don’t give a rat’s ass.

  13. Of course they want to limit the union involvement in the program… It would help the employees…. Glad one of the unions is taking a stand!!!

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