NALC Branch Prez: An Outside Agency Needs To Come Into USPS And Clean House

After the union meeting the other night, I went home to check a USA today story that I was told had run on page six, about the time card fraud in New Hampshire. Up came the following story, “5th Person Sentenced in NH Postal Thefts.” Now this story dealt with 5 people that had stolen over $10,000 in Postage Stamps from security packaging. The 5 involved were all fired and received sentences from probation to eight months in prison. So now back to thew time card fraud, here in New Hampshire. About $12,000 to an unknown number has been stolen from letter carrier paychecks. The reason for the unknown is because Postal Management still will not release additional records. My point is that around 5 Postal managers were involved in the large sum of these deductions. Were they Fired? NO! Did they get probation? NO! Did they get prison sentences? NO! In fact three of the office managers are still working the floor as supervisors, supervising the same employees they stole from!

It even gets better, one manager is so arrogant he is mouthing off to employees about how the union is making him famous by going to the congressman. He boasts that nothing is going to happen to him! Absolutely incredible!

I have defended letter carriers that allegedly stole less than 25 cents. I have defended letter carriers that allegedly stole accountable items. The Postal Service has five managers that have stolen over $12,000, and they are laughing at any and all efforts to bring them to justive. This clearly shows me what is wrong with the postal service today. They put up with a low quality postal manager and defend them. This is an absolute disgrace. The day has come when an outside agency needs to come into the Postal Service and clean house. This country club of postal managers need to have their memberships terminate!

An arbitrator has awarded letter carriers in the Milford Post Office all of their back pay and a $1,500 penalty in the “Point Shaving Scandal.” The total may come close to $30,000. Two other PTF Letter Carriers in the facility will be made regular as ordered by the arbitrator.

by NALC Branch President Dan Yianakopolos

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  1. Yeah, my local protects a lot of lazy folks that want a free ride. I see these stories about bad supervisors but everyday I see co-workers just taking advantage of the system and all I do is shake my head. Too bad there isnt a middle ground. If this was my your business would you want a union to protect all these lazy folks. I am glad at payday because I end up doing their jobs in OT. It is kind of funny, I can only guess what kind of caliber of carriers most that write on this forum.

  2. Postainy

    Reading your story, I could only think of WHAAAAA…. And good thing you work for the PO and we protect you. You couldn’t handle a real job.

  3. I agree with PostalNH on Mon, 25th Jan. NALC is the greatest union in America! Letter carriers work the hardest of all USPS employees. I can say this because I have done all jobs but one (mailhandler). I have been a window clerk, CFS clerk, Bulk Mail clerk, 204b supervisor, office clerk in HR and for a postmaster of a large city. I have seen and heard the down time (supervisors playing solitare on their computers) that these other employees have and believe me, there is no down time in being a mail carrier. We are watched continuously and are always threatened with “up to and including removal” for every minor not deliberate mistake made. What about upper management making their big booboos! They just know how to hide things. One time while working in a processing facility, a semi-truck filled with priority mail was hidden because it would not be able to be processed in time, hidden so there was no plant failure. Finding out later that it is a common practice of hiding mail in trailers in the yard. As a mail carrier I have actually experienced while driving on a very busy 4 lane blvd. my front wheel coming off my truck (as the vehicle was moving)! The postmaster just brought another truck and told me to continue my collections. No mention of my emotional state. I asked about filing a report and was told not to. Talk about a cover up. I am a hard worker and if not for the bad workers, proud to work for USPS, but every person needs to be accountable no matter what career level they are at.

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  5. Way to go Yankee! Letter Carriers that could not carry mail, now become managers and steal our pay. They Blog Crap because they do not work for a living. How can someone justify stealing? There is no way! These managers are out for themselves and their next promotion and raise. Letter carriers serve the public pounding the beat everyday, and we police our own. The NALC is the greatest union in America. Thank You Dan for Defending all of us!

  6. Get out of the Union office and do some real work. How much Postal time did you waste writing this garbage? The NALC is the reason why the USPS is failing. We need GPS on all carriers to see how much time they do waste.

  7. Way to go Dan! Your efforts make everyone in the NALC proud. We should start a massive letter-writing campaign to the PRC, the BOG, and President Obama suggesting just what you say….an outside agency to audit,investigate, and fumigate the raw sewer that postal management has become. If those clowns want to steal from Letter Carriers, they should do it the proper way….let ’em get elected to Congress.

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