USPS To Move Some Newark Mail Processing Operations To Kearny P & DC

Newark, NJ — As a result of a study begun in June 2009, the Postal Service has made the decision to move some mail processing operations from the Newark Main Post Office to the USPS Dominick V. Daniels Processing & Distribution Center in Kearny. Local mail service will not be affected by the move.

Northern New Jersey District Manager Priscilla M. Maney said, “Given the drastic decline in mail volume the Postal Service has experienced, with a decline of 26 billion pieces this past year, we must take action to reduce the size of our mail processing network. Consolidating operations and placing our people where we need them is necessary if the Postal Service is to remain viable to provide mail service to the nation.”

“I understand our employees’ concern over this move,” Maney added, “but the consolidation makes sense given the fiscal realities. The Dominick V. Daniels Processing & Distribution Center has the capacity to handle the additional workload and we can realize significant savings by shifting operations there.”

The transition will be completed by July 2010. Some employees may be reassigned to the USPS Dominick V. Daniels Processing & Distribution Center or to other vacant positions as a result of the move.

“I am confident the transition will be smooth and transparent to our customers and they will continue to receive the same excellent service they always have,” said Maney.

Full retail services will still be available at the Newark Main Post Office. The Newark Main Post Office Business Mail Entry Unit will remain open for large volume business mailers

source: USPS