Postal Service Announces Short-term Supervisor Selection and Placement Process

From National League Of Postmasters League President Charley Mapa:
Dear Leaguers,

For quite some time now, the Management Associations have challenged Postal Headquarters on the significant number of supervisor vacancies and we are, therefore, gratified that something is finally being done about it.

Please note that this process opens on December 29. Also significant is that it is open to all EAS and career bargaining unit employees. For those of you Postmasters who have been waiting for an opportunity like this, here’s your chance. Others may have identified clerks, carriers and other bargaining unit employees that you thought would make good supervisors.

If you have a supervisor vacancy or think that you qualify for one, do your own SWCs now to prepare for this process.

Excerpt from USPS memo:

Vacant Level EAS-17, Supervisor, Customer Services and Supervisor, Distribution Operations positions may be filled using the abbreviated process for a single posting period beginning December 29. Attached is a brief outline of the short-term supervisor selection process, including a timeline. This timeline include steps for consideration and selection of non-competitive lateral and downgrade requests, as well as a competitive process for employees seeking promotion.

2 thoughts on “Postal Service Announces Short-term Supervisor Selection and Placement Process

  1. I too have taken the ASP to no avail. I have been with the USPS as a Mailhandler for 10 years. I have HR and Supervisor Detail experience, yet I am always passed over for any upward mobility because of my FMLA condition. Of course, the USPS doesn’t state this but their actions are obvious. Now, I’ve taken, passed (only 1 in 4 are passing this new test) and scored well on this new test but I have not been given an interview and just received an email for 2 of 12 positions I’ve applied for, stating “non-recommendation”. No specific reasons given. Nothing. I’m really not surprised because although I’m super thankful for having a job in times such as these, the Postal Service has constantly and consistently treated employees, besides myself, very poorly. The Postal Service seems to forget that their employees are their customers as well but continue to treat us disgracefully. This all being said by a faithful employee who values her job, co-workers, and the customers. I know that I would be an asset to the future of the unstable Postal Service because their “old school” thinking of treating employees unfairly and being non positive and sometimes just down right cruel to employees needs is not working, is not right, and is huge reason the United States Postal Service is in such a bad position economically. I will keep my fingers crossed and prayers whispered in hopes that the United States Postal Service will survive it’s one true opposition….itself.

    Tisha M.
    Denver, CO

  2. You know its a complete shame, that I graduated from 16 weeks of Associate Supervisor Program, went through 6 months of reduction in force (RIF)and reduced to a PTF clerk for 3 weeks. Then a supervisor job popped up for me almost two hours from my home.

    How many more times do I have to get slapped in the face by the Postal Service?

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