Nebraska Rural Carrier Named USPS National Safe Driver of Year

National Safety Council Honors Brainard’s Dwayne “Oley”Raskey

BRAINARD, NE — Rural Carrier Dwayne “Oley” Raskey, who has faithfully delivered the mail for 50 years now without an accident, has been named the recipient of the prestigious Joseph M. Kaplan USPS National Safe Driver of the Year by the National Safety Council (NSC). Raskey was among ten regional finalists for the award.

Raskey received the award at the NSC Awards Ceremony in Orlando, Florida. The national award represents the “best of the best” for safe driving among professional drivers. Along with being the model of safety, Raskey is the longest serving rural carrier in the USPS Central Plains District, which includes Nebraska, most of Kansas and southwest Iowa.

“I’m honored to be selected for the award,” said Raskey, who attended the awards banquet with Jenny, his wife of 61 years.

Dependable as the sunrise, Raskey’s not only never had an accident, he’s never called in sick.

“My dad taught me that if you give someone your word you’ve got to stick by it, or if you’ve got a job to do you’ve got to do it,” said Raskey, whose nickname “Oley” comes from his Swedish ancestry.

“I enjoy the people and enjoy the driving, that’s why I stay with it,” said Raskey of his job. He’s so safe behind the wheel that earlier this year he earned the rare Two Million Mile Safety Award from the National Safety Council.

According to Raskey the keys to driving safely include being observant and driving the conditions.

“If it’s muddy or snowy you’ve got to slow down,” cautioned Raskey, whose route covers 96 miles on mostly gravel roads.

Brainard Postmaster Sherri Helman uses words like “dedicated, loyal, friendly, honest, and conscientious” to describe Raskey. “There is never a day that “Oley” comes in without a smile on his face and a warm good morning greeting.”

Raskey attributes his longevity to exercise, eating healthy and taking his vitamins. In his spare time he likes to work on his collection of antique vehicles or go polka dancing with Jenny.

“You’ve got to keep fit you know,” said Raskey.

source: USPS