Union President Criticizes USPS For Lack of Diversity in Executive Staff


In a letter to the Postal Service Board of Governors, APWU President William Burrus wrote he is “deeply troubled” by the lack of diversity in the USPS executive staff, and said, “Although the nation has made significant progress toward equality, it appears that the USPS remains mired in the Dark Ages.” Burrus wrote the letter after receiving a copy of Postal Service’s Official Organizational Chart. http://apwu.org/news/webart/2009/09-137-usps-org-chart.pdf

“It is inexcusable that women and people of color have been relegated to such a small role in the managerial structure, especially considering the fact that the workforce at-large is so much more reflective of the population,” he said in the Oct. 22 letter. http://apwu.org/news/webart/2009/09-137-bog-diversity-091106.pdf

“Applying any reasonable standard of inclusion, one has every reason to expect that the United States Postal Service should and must do better.”

As of this date, the Board of Governors has not responded to the letter

9 thoughts on “Union President Criticizes USPS For Lack of Diversity in Executive Staff

  1. I have developed a transparent test for PCES candidates. A candidate is to report to L’Enfant Plaza for the test. While in the waiting room, the secretary will ask the candidate to run to the bakery for a dozen donuts consisting of a half dozen boston cremes, and a half dozen glazed. THIS IS THE TEST.
    If the candidate proceeds to the corner bakery, the candidate fails the test. The candidate must go 12 blocks further, to the underserved community bakery.
    As part of the test, the UCB is out of glazed donuts.
    If the candidate returns with only 6 boston cremes and an excuse, the candidate fails. The candidate must show initiative, and substitute 6 Crullers for the missing glazed. If the candidate holds out for a bakers dozen, this is a bonus. When the candidate returns with the 13 donuts, the appointment is secured. People of color take note. This is your opportunity. Potter loves his donuts!

  2. I guess this shows it is easy to throw stones when you live in a glass house. Clean up your own mess before looking at others. Maybe you can run for Prez of the management Assoc.

  3. Burrus should be looking inside his own organization especially his locals for diversity. My local has a white male craft diector and all white male stewards. When several women including myself applied for steward and some African Americans they were turned down. I’ve been a Union member for 19 years. A white male steward just joined the Union after being in the Postal Service 25 years and they made him a steward right away.

  4. There are issues abound on postal jobs at all levels and Burras is worried about that! stick to your job or move out of the way

  5. Umm, so they should be picking folks on race and not qualifications/// The Western Area AVP is black…Shut up Burrus, you were useless in office and even more so out of office. Go join the management unions and hurt them like you did us. This looks like a good start…BYE BYE

  6. I so agree with ahem’s comment!~ Burrus it’s time to shut up, move on, and don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out! What a big mouth biggot who just loves throw a bunch of crap on the wall and stirring up trouble.
    Good riddance~

  7. Is Mr. BUrrus representing PCES employees now?,
    Or is Mr. Burrus now the diversity Czar under president O’Bama? Who does he think he is, MLK?

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